011111 The Beautiful Beach Wedding of Brett and Sam!

Now that the photos have been distributed and the viewing enjoyment is under way it is my pleasure to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Brett and Samantha Compton!

You may remember Brett from countless other amazing things I've blogged about before. Including the wildly amazing "Learn High Speed Photography with a Gun," and "Just Plain Being Awesome!"

Well this year on 1/11/11, in Cancun Mexico on a beach, Brett married one of the most beautiful, good natured, caring, wonderful women in the world, Sam. Terri and I were SO HONORED not only to be invited to witness this momentous occasion, but to be preserving the cherished moments for them!

The wedding was on the beaches of the glamorous El Dorado Royale on the Mayan Riviera!

The location was amazing and we had plenty of time to plan out some really awesome photographs that usually can't be fit into an average wedding day.

These sunrise images added a really fun dimension to their coverage!

We took a bunch of heartwarming images off an old pier that stretched out into the ocean's lapping waves.

The always beautiful Samantha relaxing at the spa just hours before the big moment!

It was hard to match the beauty of Cancun's flowering landscapes, but Sam blew all of that away!

Their seaside sunset ceremony was an intimate affair.

It couldn't have been better.

Terri and I even managed to take some portraits with off camera strobes (using this method) on our trip with the bride and groom to the Mayan ruins at the ancient city of Tulum where the waters are as blue as sapphires!

This is the amazing Uncle Bob and Bobbie at Tulum!

The resort also had shows each night to entertain the guests. One evening I met up with an Australian fellow with a nice lens who suggested I take photos of the fire show they were putting on that evening. I'm glad I did! I even got in a little time to attempt levitation foolishness while we waited for the show! You can't take me anywhere.

Another awesome part of this trip was getting to hang out with one of the most outstanding families in the known universe. The Comptons. Check out the proof here, here, here, and here.

Above you see another dramatic portrait of Jon and Carrie Danger.

The wedding party were all fabulous. I felt lucky to have met so many really great people at the same time! (Even when they weren't all agreeing)

Congratulations Brett and Sam!!! We love you!

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