062708 Teddy

This is Teddy. I told him Friday that he was my new favorite human (with the exception of my wife of course). I stand by that. Teddy is not only a tremendous human (aka a nice guy) but he is one of the most talented drummers I have ever witnessed. Here is an example of one of the bands he is affiliated with. Which brings me to my next point.

Teddy also introduced me to some of the guys from one of the coolest bands in the world. FOXY SHAZAM! These guys are amazing!! (<--!!!!!!!) Go listen to them, buy their T-shirt, CD, See a show, watch this video. In a sea of crappy music, Foxy Shazam SOARS above! I felt like a school girl meeting them. And I know I look like a total idiot in the photo.

The reason I was out on friday at all is because Teddy asked me to play conga drums in a bridge with Bosco Rossi, yet another band he is affiliated with. It is the Brainchild of Molly Sullivan. The show was awesome.

The crowd was entralled.

This is my favorite photo of the show.

062808 Surprise For Terri

My wife was in Columbus at an Advanced Placement Summer Institute all last week. I surprised her with a welcome home party.

She was suprised. Practice random acts of kindness. Let me say that again. Practice random acts of kindness.

062808 Business is Business

These are recent jobs I have completed. An example of a senior portrait and a Family Portrait for a large family.
This is a version of a senior portrait that I tweaked. I thought the shadow and softness added to the creepy setting of the photo. I thank the model, Emily, greatly. She is amazing person. I hope she finds the senior portraits equally amazing. The version she chose lies here.

This family was 38 members strong and great to work with. You can see the original image here. What I do with my photography is more than preserving the moment. I try to enhance the moment. In this case I have corrected the color and brightness and also taken the expressions from other photos on the shoot to have a great photo of everyone there. Just check out the kids!

062808 Misc

Yes, I own leather pants. I bought them 13 years ago, and I still fit in them... ROCK AND ROLL! This photo was not so much to show off my crotch as to illustrate a rock and roll game that a friend Brad was creating. This was the photo for a "leather pants" upgrade for the lead singer.

This poor chap was exectuted by the state for crimes against shrubbery. This is the last known photo.

I couldn't find this posted any where else. This is September of last year. These are the most amazing flowers I have ever seen. They were donated to me by Ford-Ellington Florist (the most amazing florist in the universe). I, of course, gave them to the most amazing woman in the world. She stuck her face deep in them smelling the beautiful aroma in gratitude, breathing deeply with joy. this is the next day when she awoke with swollen eyes realizing she was allergic to stargazer lillies.

062708 My New Office

My mom asked me to post a photo or two of my new office. So... here it is. My wonderful wife organized my photos so that my office mate Mark could have a nice bull's eye.
I was serious about not being able to be serious.

This is our tiny 1/3 scale waiting room.

062008 Elastic Waste Band Sweeps IS talent Show!


This photo by Sharon Bishop, Magnificent photo, no?

Taking the title over such acts as Jason "On-Point" Hong and Rheannon "Tina" Turner.

Watch out for Dr. Acula.

062108 Around the house!

Remember that "nook" I was talking about months ago? well...

It finally came.

Thank you Terry!

062208 MISC

062008 Nathan Spencer, the man, the myth, the legend.

James Nathan Spencer has been one of my closest and dearest friends for more than a decade. His ingenuity and zeal amaze me to no end. Here are a couple of photos of his latest ceramic pieces.

Contact Nathan about ceramics at: jamesnathanspencer( at )gmail.com

061408 Wedding in Piqua

I got to spend 20 hours with my floral family at the Greatest Event Designer in the World, Ford-Ellington Florist's latest wedding in Piqua Ohio. It was interesting to not be the photographer at one of these events. Here are some fun shots I took.

I left this large to be used as a background. This was a hole at the country club where the wedding was.

Rob, Superhuman Flowermanoid, Dreyer