091909 Noah Sugarman (BisB)

Last weekend I got to photograph an amazing musician and an all around great guy.

Soul, jazz, blues, rock, and folk sounds permeate his music.
Check out his website and music here: http://www.noahsugarman.com/

I really have to apologize! Noah came to me because he loved the color in my work. I feel bad most of my favorites are black and white. Looks like we'll have a daytime session soon!

Catch him while he's playing in Cincinnati!

092309 John Grammatis

I photographed the Nordstrom Gala last Wednesday and I'd love to show you what it looked like, but I'm not sure about the legality of that, so instead I'll show you a picture of DJ John Grammatis. I met John at the gala. He is a really nice guy and an awesome DJ. He played on a pedestal that was surrounded by models the whole night. It was amazing!
Hear John's Music Here http://johngrammatis.com/

092609 Misc

There are several of these outside our doors.

This is where we framed teh print that Bob Compton gave to us on the glass shooting evening.

091309 Michael and Marica (BisB) Engagement!

Michael and Marica are great fun to hang out with.

For starters they can put up with me and my crazy ideas.

And you can tell they are in love!

My beautiful wife grew up next door to Michael.

Just being around Michael and Marica you can tell they are making the right choice!

My favorite thing is that everytime Marica got in the car Michael opened the door for her. I never saw her do it for herself. Now that is chivalry!

Congratulations Marica and Michael!

091409 Family Portrait! (BisB)

Through my beautiful friends Rob and Megan, I was lucky enough to introduced to a wonderful family last week!

Mike and Milissa
The most kind and fun family I've met in a long time!

And look at these lovey ladies!


and Grace, all princesses!

These girls know where it's at!

Thank you very much for letting me spend some time with you!

091309 AJ! (BisB)

This amazing young woman is AJ!

She is truly terrific!

When we were preparing for her shoot she told me about how she and her friends bought a gorilla suit to walk around in... "Bring it!" I said!

AJ also likes to create art, so we trited to re-create downtown!

091809 Pano from the 4th.

Here's a little pano from two weeks ago.


This is pretty much it for the blog this week. Sorry for the small amount, I think the Subject more than makes up for it though. With the second half of the Digital Wakeup Call tour tech support kicking off, I've been busy.

Having said that...

A Brand...



I can't tell you too much yet... but...

It's coming.

Aren't you interested?

Family Portrait

091109 Backyard Misc

I played with some colored flash filters in the morning sun yesterday...

And here's where Terri found a leak in time-space.
"Here's yer problem right here..."

Morning sunlight through blinds.