Kristin and Michael

Kristin and Michael got married in the beautiful Cincinnati Music Hall!

This amazing historic building in Cincinnati was just about to go through a major renovation!
Many of the amazing details of this lovely location would soon be gone for good! Like this chandelier in the main hall!

But fear not we got every thing covered!

And booze granted everyone some liberty

Michael and Naomi

Some spring senior portraits!
These beautiful ladies are Michael and Naomi
Twin sisters but totally different!

Nicholas and Emme at the Naturaul History Museum

So I've been having quite a good time with this pretty lady!
When we heard that there was a renovation going on in the history portion of the Cincinnati Museum Center we headed down for a a weekend adventure!

There's some pretty weird stuff there!

And cool too!

How many of you have been through the cave?!?

I'm a glacier!

Emme dines with a sloth!

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Camp Sugar

My friend Noah Sugarman is one BAMF.
You NEED to check out his music!

The music is Great!


I love photographing C.A.S.T.L.E. LARP

The first time I photographed this group I walked in like Daniel Day Lewis walking into the reservation in Last of the Mohicans.

NOw they await my arrival for weeks!

It's a great feeling to know that your customers really enjoy your product!

So cute!

And what's going on here? I have no idea

Speaking of Last of the Mohicans!

Cat and Barry!

Congratulations Cat and Barry!
Cat and Barry had one of the most beautiful ceremonies on a hot day!

These little guys have traveled with them all over the world! Today they witnessed the union of their masters!
The wedding was at the Elisha Morgan Manor in fairfield

After the ceremony there was much food and friends!