and the Future!

I am totally in love with this new app called!!! My good friend Eric Cameron and I were talking about a comment our friend Lou Freeman said at the PPN convention recently. "The future of photography is motion." That really struck a chord in us, so Eric got to work creating a PhotoMentorGroup video that will be posted later on our Fanpage! Then he found!
 I'm no stranger to gifs I have been making them for years, but they were always really hard to set up and the processing took forever. Plus the file sizes and loading speeds were ridiculous! has fixed all that! 
 This app is a simple couple of clicks and swipes and it has some not-yet-cliche filters to apply to the gif!
The dog was obviously thrilled. You can even use videos you've previously shot on your phone which means 
One downside is the file size, pretty dinky. And gifs by nature are pretty low quality. Also the results are jittery if you can't hold perfectly still
However that didn't stop me from from pulling off some attempts with our amazing couple Abby and Nick yesterday!!!!
Even with all the faults creating these magical images is just flat out a great idea! I can't wait to get more of my clients involved!

Photo Pro Network Summer School Recap!

Eric Cameron and I could barely be more happy about the Photo Pro Network Summer School! Our Creative Speed Lighting workshop was a smash! Don't take that from us, the class gave it 23, 4 and 5 Star Ratings! We also received a 5 star rating for our shootout! 

 The instruction was fantastic (even if I was a bit like a squirrel on speed),
But the real fun came when we put the theory into action to demonstrate these lessons in a real-world scenario!
 This was the coveted Red Wall. :)

  This was a truly amazing and inspiring seminar series! There was everything from Marketing, to High Fashion, to CS6 with our good friend Jason Lykins, to Seniors, Weddings, and Lighting! There was no photographic business stone left un-turned!
(Setup for this shot by my friend Larry)
It also gave be a great opportunity to show some of my editing techniques and how to plan ahead! 

 The models were AMAZING! Big thanks to Rosemary and Tamara!

FYI - We will be putting on this workshop again in the Cincinnati area! Email me if you are interested!

MAX at 2!

 One of the highlights of this string of 100 degree days in Cincinnati was chasing around little Max at Friendship park!
This neat little guy was a non stop ball of hugging energy! 
 After 15 min with the speed lights, I just traded them in for some personal time with the 50mm 1.4.
Everyone was hot but happy!

Happy birthday Max! 

Pink Attitude! (I'm big in France)

Finally bought a hard copy of Liz Books: Pink Attitude
A while ago I got a call from France, which was unusual. Turns out the publisher of Liz Books was interested  in doing a series on color and Pink was the first color! I had taken this image of some paint David and LaDawn Ziser were throwing away. And since it was an interesting image it found it's way to Flickr which is where Liz Books found it! And Viola... I'm published in France. 
They must have really like it too because it's in there 3 times, including this full page on 13!
As a side note, I'm so cheap that when the book came out I just saved the PDF version :). I just recently ran into it again on Amazon and bought a copy to share with Viv.

Kristin, Fred and soon... Jax!

 I have to give a really big thank you to Fred and Kristin for hanging in there last Friday to take some of the most beautiful maternity and family photos! 
 That's right, this beautiful glowing mother braved a 4 hour car ride, harrowing Ikea excursion, and a heat index of 105 to let Terri and I preserve this magical time for her! 
After  hearing of the circumstances I quickly revised our location and plans to get the best images in the shortest distance and leave the AC running for a cool down! 
This was such a fun brisk shoot!

I can't wait to take your first full family portraits! ;)

Remembering the Explosive Wedding Growth Seminar - Orlando

 I just got in from PPN Louisville but before I upload all those amazing images I wanted to take a moment to give everyone the information of some of the really awesome attendees of the Explosive Wedding Growth for the New Economy class so we can all network and grow our businesses! Eric Cameron and I had an unbelievable time running through the Florida sun with the whole class and we can't thank you enough for having us!
(Cameron Creative)
First and foremost we have to thank John and Susan Francis the amazing hosts with Catch Light Studios (Blog) and Harmon School of Photography in fabulous Orlando! They were the hosts with the most! We couldn't have asked for a more hospitable organization! THANK YOU X10!

And some of our students that responded to the Explosive Wedding Growth facebook group with their contact information! Keep tabs on them all! I sure will be! Some really awesome stuff!

Deborah Evans Neukam Burke - A fabulous composer and keen photog -
Karen Delaney Gardner - An awesome eye with a "go get em" attitude -
Tim Smith - You just got to check this guy out! -
Richard S. Ropog - Up and Comer and entrepreneur - Richard S. Ropog
Ron Caimano - The Magic Man! -

And as Always you can find Eric and I at and

And I'm sorry for leaving others out, but I wasn't able to get your links! Please sent me an email and I'll add them immediately! 

Ashley and Thom - I can't wait for their Wedding!

 I have to tell you about our friends Ashley and Thom!
What a beautiful couple! Sorry Thom, you're handsome, but WOW what a loving and wonderful couple!
 These guys are the kind of people that make your heart sing!
Just watching everything they do makes me happy! 

 With Terri's help, every moment of their engagement session was a joy. 
 I cannot wait to work with our great friends at Ford-Ellington event design and these two on their special day! Their love is infectious! I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it!
Thank you Ashley and Thom for letting us be part of your special day!
We can't wait for August!

One of the Best Families Ever! The Violettas!

 Another Super Fun thing I did last weekend was photograph one of my favorite families ever! The Violettas! Megan and Dan graced our path last year for several days as we celebrated first, their love, then their wedding! This time around I got to spend more time with the Megan's side!
And they didn't disappoint! 


Explosive Wedding Growth Seminar - Orlando

The Explosive Wedding Growth for the New Economy Seminar in Orlando Florida Could Not Have Been Better!!!!! 
 Eric Cameron and I have to send out a hearty Thank You! to Catchlight Studios for hosting us at the Harmon's School of Photography in Orlando Florida!!!
 We had the run of the JW Mariott that was connected the Ritz Carlton hotels for our Saturday Shootout! It couldn't have been a more amazing backdrop for some fun learning! 
 We captured everything from dramatic portraits...
 to elegant wedding images while learning from each other!
Best of all, everyone had a magnificent time and grew their business!
Some of my favorite quotes were Saturday night's... "Just when I though my jaw couldn't drop any more, you pull out this!"
 and "I had been going back and forth over this class for a while but it was worth EVERY PENNY!"
 We had the most amazing models, Casandra, Peyton, Robin, and Shane...
 Plus the most amazing locations possible!!
 I can't wait to get back together with these guys to put on another stellar seminar crammed full of tips to help photographers achieve their dreams! 
Thank you  John, Susan, Eric, and Ron!!!!! This was a learning experience the PhotoMentorGroup won't soon forget!
More amazing images, our flickr group, and more to come!