The Wedding of Megan and Dan!

I have another seriously awesome one for you!
Megan and Dan are the type of people that can't stop having fun! They make me so happy!

I got to spend a weekend with this beautiful couple to preserve the wacky, zany, and all around gorgeous events of their wedding!!

No shortage on charisma with Dan!

This is an image from the Day After session, where we were all way more tired than we thought we'd be :)

While we make sure to take the formal elegant documentary style photography that has been popular since 1930 or so ...

But, I'm not lying when I say that the best photography comes from a collaboration between the wedding party and the photographer :)

To say that Megan is a "knockout" is an understatement!

From the rehearsal to the day after here, Meg & Dan were full of amazing and awesome ideas to create some really special images.
Not really surprising though, knowing that Megan is a talented photographer in her own right. Check out Meg Koabel Photography HERE!

Photographing photographers has been a trend here recently so I'd like to introduce you to JBowe, the Maid of Honor and also a photographer at Violet Bow photography. :)

Nothing like working for your peers to force you to kick it into high gear, huh?
And Kick Terri and I did! Every wedding or event I try to come up with something that we can do that will be better than ever before. For this reception we set up 3 point lighting gelled to match the wedding colors with fantastic results!

They had a photo booth too, this couple loved photography! (No pressure)

We had a great time! I hope you love your amazing photos as much as I do!

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