Robots and Rainbows at Krohn!

Great news friends! Robots and Rainbows is at Krohn Conservatory THIS WEEKEND! 
 Most of these images were taken by the lovely Meg Koabel yesterday down at the Conservatory!
It's a great pleasure to get to give back to a great Cincinnati treasure and say THANK YOU to the families that came out to see what awesome people at Krohn created this spring!
 If we missed you yesterday there's still today!
 And if you are reading this late, we have got you covered too!

If you can't make the Krohn session this weekend GREAT NEWS! Robots and Rainbows is taking reservations for our Next Spring Session at Ault Park April 20th and 21st! Perhaps you've seen our photo from facebook above! If you share the image on your wall and let us know you can get a free 8x10 from the next Spring Session!

Or contact us directly from the site!

See you soon!

Thanks for Looking!

Welcome to the Blog!
 I hope you enjoy it!

Final NERO Cincinnati Event!

 I'm sad to say that these images were created at the final NERO Cincinnati Event. 
Always a wacky time, I was very fortunate to be allowed to attempt to document the experience!
And I'll keep you informed of any future developments, of course! 
If you have a moment you should really check out some of the shoots I've had with this crew... intense.

Winter Season = Family

One of the best things about the slow season is getting to spend so much time with Vivian!
To say she is a handful would be quite an understatement. 
Here she is acting. 
 This is sad. 
We're having all kinds of adventure. And we've written some songs!

Got Kids?

Hey! Got Kids? Great! 
You may have heard that Robots and Rainbows has volunteered to provide free portraits at Krohn Conservatory Easter Weekend from 2 to 5 pm. That's true! We hope to see you at the Conservatory!!! If you can't make it on the holiday weekend we have a solution for you! We've had so much excitement Meg and I have decided to book sessions April 20th and 21st for the little ones! 
Sessions will be limited and first come first served, so if you want to save your spot, email your info to

Hope to see you at Krohn and at our Spring Shoot April 20th and 21st!!

500px Account

 Hey! I just got a 500px account! 
I'm hoping it's the art community that flickr was back in 2005. :)
Here's some of the images I uploaded.  

Thanks to all my wonderful friends for letting me take these amazing photos!!!! And visit to add me as a friend and validate my digital existence! :) 

IPhone Photo Update

Hello friends! The past few weeks I have been doing a lot of corporate work that I am unable to share. :( So in the mean time I thought I would share another post about phone photos. 
Every so often I purge all the images off my phone and find some that are pretty cool. 
The cameras on phones have been getting better... 
but there's 100 times a day when I think, I could take that shot, but the camera is so limited I can't make it look good. 
Other things like the bottom of a coffee machine, above, are just fine with a hit of instagram filters...
Or the ubiquitous driver's seat portrait with a little Nik's Snapseed software. 

 To be fair to the phones, there are times when you can't get to quality gear. 
For those "smunching" moments, or...
Playing a game of marbles, this will do just fine.

Haha! Didn't turn it off, airlines! 
 The Infamous Horse Mask Photo
 I waited a whole meeting to take this photo watching the light trace the wall.

Be creative! 
See you next week!

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