012309 What I did Friday Night!


There are a few frames missing here...
Good friends email me to see the full slideshow.


In other news: RUSUDEN is announcing the April 6th release date of the "Death by Din Sync" album. Click the link and give your ears something to be happy about. The cover is sporting a very handsome "Roman Candle War" photo (by yours truely) from 2007.

012209 Faces!!!

My good friend Kathy got me these for me because I was ranting about the possibilities of these CPR dummy faces after I saw them.

This one is on my shower head!

And what a perfect wine topper?!?!

011709 New Wallet buy James Nathan

My old wallet was wearing out. I asked J'nath to recondition the thing so it still looked revolting but would be a new wallet.

The confusing layout of the Spencer Origingal.

We even designed it to allow two separate stacks of cards to lie side by side.
Still best wallet ever.

012509 Itouch!

I recently received an Itouch from my parent's in law for Christmas.

Best thing ever... more to come on that soon.

011709 Dress For Sale

Part of a Photo shoot to sell this dress.
Both Photos by Terri Viltrakis.

012409 Misc

I used to chew a lot more gum than I do now. Sometimes I used to put it on this tree.

Dog Spot

Stunning Binder

011709 www.NicholasViltrakis.com Updated!

Senior Portraits: Amazing!

Weddings: More than Stunning!

Portraits: Beautiful, Warm, Loving.

011809 Misc. Looking back through old Stuff.

Looking through old photos this weekend I found some that I think I missed posting originally, or I didn't have time to process at the time.

Here's three of Terri.

This is (in the Business) what we call a Gar Wad. A wad of dollar bills with a 100 or 50 wrapped around the outside. Not only was it that, but it was also the name of an album I released in 2001 for similar reasons. I have no idea if it has anything to do with this fish.

Hailea (why's it spelled like that? Ask the Wife)

This was the adornment for a glass vessel at the Toledo Art Museum Glass Building.

More havoc with the pellet guns.

And why not another one to make me look totally insane?
You should see my driver's license.
Finally A super old art piece.

011009 Sky!!!

I think now is a good time to remind everyone that all of the photos on this blog are available for sale as fine art prints for very reasonable prices. I may even trade you for an incriminating photo you may have taken of me in the past!
I saw this amazing scene on the way to work one morning and had to stop.

Most of these sky photos are "cross processed" (a method I am playing with at the moment).

I took this one while driving. I don't recommend it, but light is like a breath, in an instant it is gone.

Have a great week!