011809 Misc. Looking back through old Stuff.

Looking through old photos this weekend I found some that I think I missed posting originally, or I didn't have time to process at the time.

Here's three of Terri.

This is (in the Business) what we call a Gar Wad. A wad of dollar bills with a 100 or 50 wrapped around the outside. Not only was it that, but it was also the name of an album I released in 2001 for similar reasons. I have no idea if it has anything to do with this fish.

Hailea (why's it spelled like that? Ask the Wife)

This was the adornment for a glass vessel at the Toledo Art Museum Glass Building.

More havoc with the pellet guns.

And why not another one to make me look totally insane?
You should see my driver's license.
Finally A super old art piece.

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