Yes, you CAN Make SUSHI!

082408 Hanna and Courtney (Business is business I)

These beautiful ladies and Terri and I took some amazing Senior Potraits today!

Have you ever seen so many sunflowers?!? The answer is no!
Man it was HOT! It had just rained and it was 93 degrees and about 90% humidity!

And then the monsoon came! It POURED!!

Then again... sunflowers!

081608 Brooke and Robb's Wedding (Business is business II)

As Promised, here are a few images from last weekends wedding.

This is the lovely Brooke.

That's Josh. i love this photo. He just seems to know what's up, doesn't he?

Here's the Happy couple.

Boogie Down!

Is this not a MAGNIFICENT photo?

082308 Taste of Blue Ash

Taste of Blue Ash is where the city (in which I live) closes off a street and vendors in town get to peddle their wares.

Good times. i like how Teddy's smile so contrasts the EMTs taking a worker out of the Ice Ball trailer.

Rob thought he was supposed to taste everything, i guess.

It was stupid crowded.
I got a blue ice ball and I think you'll agree my teeth proved it was awesome!
(no one was harmed in the making or consumption of my ice ball)

Hilarious (for me) addendum... this is the lights from about 5 tow trucks that towed an entire block of cars parked in moderately marked no parking zones. They Must have towed 100 cars.

082208 Misc.

Here's a whole bunch of "collections" I have on my computer table in my room.

I tend to gather things for some reason.

082308 HeART Factory Grand Opening

The heART factory, in Mainville OH had it's grand opening Saturday.

And they had ice cream!

And the Josh Pilot band rocked out blues style.

081408 I'm Stupid.

Ok, ok, so you remember last week when Kris Rekers had the birthday party with the guns right? Yea... well... i brought the guns to work... and they were fun for almost the whole day...

until I was handed a gun I didn't realize was ready to fire. I am a fool and I know now why I am not allowed to get a real gun. $169 later we're "ok." People at work... I have replaced this and everything is just fine... for now... sorry.

081608 Wedding Misc.

This weekend we had the privilege of shooting a wedding for my friend Barb's daughter, Brooke. This is a test shot. (More to come for this next week)

The trip there was two hours and I had to keep myself busy.

081508 Seiberts, Destruction, Georgetown KY

While in Lexington Kentucky for the wedding, I have to stay with the most excellent family I know... The Seiberts, in Georgetown KY. I have to say that I have known Andy Seibert almost as long as I have memory. Here is a pictorial of him doing as he sees fit with the gifts I gave him recently.

And retribution.

081508 Bugs!

Also while hanging out in Georgetown Ky we noticed some of the indigenous fauna!


The cool part was that she was the subject and the light girl at the same time.