Sarah and Sean's Engagement Excitement!

A week ago I got the most exciting evening photographing Sarah and Sean's engagement session!
After a few magnificent images of the beautiful couple...
spiriting around the Cox Arboretum...
 the storms rolled in... but that didn't stop us...
We did get a lot of amazing images!
All around the park

Once the storm rolled in we switched the strategy to make the coolest images possible!
 but before..
 And a few concept images!
THANK YOU Sarah an Sean!

Ashley and Josh + 2!

 Let me tell you how cool Ashley and Josh are...
 go with the flow, upbeat, relaxed
 (image by Jane Bettis)
and in love with twins on the way!
When I talked to Ashley and found out her favorite style of portraits (which are dreamy and awesome!!) the first person I thought of to assist on my shoot was the wonder Jane Bettis!
 And a great combo it was!
Great couple, great synergy...
 (image by Jane Bettis)
Amazing scenery!
We really appreciate the opportunity to preserve this moment!

<3 br="">
 (image by Jane Bettis)
I can't wait to meet the twins!

 (image by Jane Bettis)

 We hope you love the images as much as we loved taking them!

Alexa and Tyler!

Alexa and Tyler's wedding was amazing!
We had the best of everything!
 People, places, fun!
 The show was a brilliant celebration of the union of the couple!
  After an elegant ceremony at their church Alexa and Tyler...
 Took a few brief moments with me to...
goof around...
Take some really fun photos,
 and then they were off!
The wedding was in full swing!
 And nothing could stop it!
 It was a great night!

1,000,000 Views! One Million Flickr Views

This week I reached the milestone of a total of one million views on Flickr.
Does that mean anything? 

It's been 9 years and 2,465 images. 
Pretty cool collection!


Storming CASTLE

 One of the coolest things I got to do last week was storm CASTLE at their latest event!
You NEVER know what you'll see when you show up at one of these things!

My biggest joy is getting to capture these imaginative characters in a cool way. 

 There's a lot of work that goes into these roles and I like showcasing them.
 The games recently have really been an elite crowd.
And it's been awesome!
Everyone that shows up is really dedicated to the experience! 

 Like these two nuts. They could knock you out in 2 seconds flat. If the zombies come I'm finding them.

 If you are interested in CASTLE click here!
 It's a lot of fun!