052511 Promotional Shoot with Carleigh

(Ok ok, well maybe the 85 1.2 has got something going for it.)

Last weekend when the horrible photographer ruining rain streak subsided I was lucky enough to have Ms. Carleigh agree to go out for a promotional shoot I was doing! I also used the opportunity to play around with the Canon 85mm 1.2, 50 1.4, and 70-200 2.8 lenses.

(70-200 2.8)

The beautiful Carleigh came down to downtown Blueash with her equally lovely aunt Holly and we picked out some golden portrait locations amongst the brick and asphalt.

So the promotion, for only $150 you or someone you love can get amazing portraits like these!

One of my favorite outtakes from the first image. F 1.2 is tough to get right on. The focus is off but it's still cool.

(85 1.2)

(50 1.4)


This is the image we decided to use because it looks most striking as a thumbnail. Please see our market place ad on facebook, or email me directly if you are interested in taking advantage of this heck of a deal!

I can't thank you enough Carleigh! These are wonderful!

052811 VIvian, my little baby.

Well er'ey one keeps asking for more pictures of Vivian, so here you go. Terri and I finally got some time to go through some fo' ya. Enjoy.

(So funny!)

We almost have a smile, but not yet. Well... not on camera anyway. I like being there too much right now.

(Terri used to go to raves in the 90s.)

Oh she's going to be a fighter.

I think this is my new favorite!

052811 Not Work

Where has all the time gone?

I got into a conversation yesterday with Laura and Kevin from Ford-Ellington Floral and Event design. we were talking about a bunch of stuff when they reminded me how I used to post a lot more artsy stuff than all work all the time. Though I love photographing people, I think it's about time I started to post some non-portrait work on the ol' blog.

I really hope you enjoy it.

I'll try to make a habit out of it.

I had to photoshop a lot of bird doo off this one. :)

This is a spider I'm particularly proud of in my basement. Look at all the insects this little guy is ridding my house of!

And finally, when Vivian was born my dad made a bag of his famous jerky in individually wrapped "It's a Girl" packaging. A bit over the top, but much appreciated. Thanks dad! and Thanks Kevin and La la!

If you'd like to see more random stuff click the "Misc" link here and scroll down. :)

051511 Scott and Nadine's Rooftop Wedding!

Last Sunday one of my favorite couples Nadine and Scott finally tied the knot on a rooftop in downtown Louisville.

It was a misty gray day in Louisville when OJ Santiago and I arrived to plan our thin sliver of time to give Scott and Nadine the best coverage possible.

After thoroughly scouting the locations around the town with Google Streetview OJ and I came up with a park very close to the Louisville Glass Works (the Venue) that is also across the street from these beautiful columns!

(The fountain across from the Muhammad Ali Center.)

Don't they look fabulous!?!??

OJ and i had so many more ideas, but we ran out of time. And that's where a photographer really has to know their priorities. :) I think Scott and Nadine are pleased with the diversity of their coverage. And it was a good thing too, because then it was off to the ceremony!

And it was beautiful. I couldn't be happier for them!

Part of our shoot from the morning.

We even had OJ Santiago shooting tilt-shift portraits and detail shots. That's right, Tilt-Shift at weddings. Complete coverage.

We pulled out all the stops for this wedding. How could we let down such a stylish and fun couple?

Even the sprinkling rain was the right setting for beautiful photos that day :)


and thank you OJ Santiago for bringing your art to your coverage! Stunning!

052011 Casey and Jessica! Part II!

So the whole story is that when Casey and I got together last week we had two major issues. . .

#1. The website for the Clermont County Parks and Recreation website is confusing. And #2. when we made it to our destination an over zealous park volunteer literally chased us out of the park in a van! It was crazy! I'm glad to say that when I offered to finish the shoot for the amount of time we had agreed upon, Casey was all about it!

This time she brought the lovely Jessica with her and off we set!

Casey, Jessica, and I checked out several of the best spots in some of our favorite parks while my lovely wife, Terri, and Vivian strolled. :)

We also got to use the cool recycled picture frame in a pic in pic way that was fun.

We really had a pretty good time just goofin off and taking portraits :)

Thanks again for letting me take your photograph ladies!

Mother Theresa, Vivian, and the 8mm.

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share this amazing 30 second exposure I took last night with Mr. David Ziser's 8mm sigma lens. I was all over the 85 mm 1.2 when Mr. Ziser said I HAD to take some photos with the 8!

So here's a nursery shot of my two lovely ladies!

051111 Casey and Hayley!

Last Sunday, the only day in weeks it hasn't poured rain, my good friend OJ Santiago and I accompanied Casey and Hayley to Rowe woods to come up with some extraordinary best friends photos!

I'd say we did just that!

The shoot wasn't without it's perils, though! First OJ and I got the wrong directions in a location with no cell reception!

Once we got to Rowe woods there was a Gestapo park volunteer who at first tried to tempt us into a short shoot by allowing us to enter the park for free (it's normally $8!!!!!! Not worth it! Sharon Woods is only $3!)

Once we were there for 30 min she came by and kicked us out! Luckily Casey and Hayley were so cool it didn't matter. We just rolled with it!

Super sweet young ladies! Thanks for letting us take your portraits! And thanks Mr. Santiago!