051111 Casey and Hayley!

Last Sunday, the only day in weeks it hasn't poured rain, my good friend OJ Santiago and I accompanied Casey and Hayley to Rowe woods to come up with some extraordinary best friends photos!

I'd say we did just that!

The shoot wasn't without it's perils, though! First OJ and I got the wrong directions in a location with no cell reception!

Once we got to Rowe woods there was a Gestapo park volunteer who at first tried to tempt us into a short shoot by allowing us to enter the park for free (it's normally $8!!!!!! Not worth it! Sharon Woods is only $3!)

Once we were there for 30 min she came by and kicked us out! Luckily Casey and Hayley were so cool it didn't matter. We just rolled with it!

Super sweet young ladies! Thanks for letting us take your portraits! And thanks Mr. Santiago!

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Karen(: said...

These are great (:
How much do your photoshoots like these cost?