122009 Little Family Part 2!

Jaylee and static electricity!

Kevin is the cutest baby ever!

And he loves his daddy!

And daddy loves Jean!
There were many more family there that day to share in the smiles, but I didn't have time to post them all! Most of the shoot was exiting to say the least... most of the time the shoot goes like this.

121909 Maya

Last Saturday I was allowed to visit a brand new baby.
This beautiful little girl is Maya.

So Cute!

122409 Misc

I was sifting through a bunch of old photos recently when I happened upon these two.
This is an edit for a client that went out recently.
(I added more red Branches)

121909 Emily and the Snow (BisB)

The beautiful Emily was kind enough to accompany Terri and I out in to the winter wonderland this Saturday.

I had a couple of ideas for the "cold."

Emily was the perfect model!


(All the overlay snowflakes are photographs by Wilson A. Bentley © 1925.)

Emily is available as a professional model, please email for her contact in formation.

121909 Snowflakes (Wilson A. Bentley)

121809 Noah Sugarman

This weekend I got the privilege of being invited to the Noah Sugarman show at the Southgate House in Newport, KY.

Noah is an amazing being that exudes honesty and a humble nature.

Noah's music is as true to Noah as it is to the world.

Everyone in the band is amazing.

This was Terri's reaction!

121209 Phone Joke!

Coolest thing ever! I downloaded "Winterboard" for my jailbroken Iphone and was able to use backgrounds for my phone!

121209 Gem and Mineral Show

This weekend was the Gem and Minral show in Sharonville Ohio. Terri and I go every year to look at shiny things!

This year's spoil includes the following!

Here's a catelog of more rocks, since I'm a huge nerd.

121209 Jean and Family!

This week I got to photograph Jean, kids, and our family!

I'm not going to explain this.

Ah Curiosity!

The lovely Deb!


And Kevin!

Present head!!

121209 Misc

Again, my beautiful wife with heart accents!

Frozen Fish!