082210 Emily and Stephan in the Water Fall

We called Emily a week ago or so to walk into a waterfall under freezing cold temperatures and she asked if she could bring her boyfriend!

Em and Stephan are pretty amazing!

The shoot didn't go exactly as planned. Turns out it was more of a water trickle than a fall.

Upon the suggestion of OJ Santiago, here's our version of Ophilia.

Thanks for letting us torture you for a couple hours!!!

082110 NERO LARP!!

If you don't know what that means, I'm not talking to you any way. :)
This year OJ Santiago, Terri and I were invited to preserve one of the most interesting events we've ever seen.

Every year this group gets together to act out their characters in an epic battle. It's pretty crazy. Let me tell you that walking into their camp was just like the portrayals of the white people being led into the indian camps in all those western movies! Everyone in full costume staring us down!

Yea sure they have foam swords, but imagine taking a light stand wrapping it in 2 inches of foam and then hitting yourself in the face with it. Still not a fun time.

I believe this guy was death.

And if you think that this kind of battle is for the faint of heart let me remind you that some of the people here have studied the art of combat long enough to mess you up with a broomstick if they should so choose!

Check out NERO at their website:

082510 Painting With Light!

Wednesday Terri and I helped out Master Photographer David Ziser with a light painting project for his up coming tour for his book "Captured by the Light."

It was ultra awesome, but tiring!

These are some low resolution examples of a tool kit that David and I are putting together for photographers to add light painting to their work without having the luxury of taking a series of 15 second exposures with his models on their precious wedding night! These were made using the mini Z-ray.

082510 The Artistic Mr. Rekers (Bones)

The one and only Mystery Curse, Kris Rekers on his quest for art, has created a few anatomical pieces that defy description.
Explodie Care Bear

Complete with organs! Sure to be a hit with the kids!

And on the other side, from his business site Karmabomb.net he sells miniature 3 dimensionally printed computer generated sculptures of bones! The items can be used for jewelry, decoration, or pieces to the game monopoly. There is a wide variety of materials also, this one is stainless steel.

Prints are also available of the sculptures if you are interested.


Robby's Photos

I've been looking through photographs for years and I rarely get really excited about other photographers work, but when I stumbled onto Robby Klein's photostream I nearly exploded.

This guy is nuts! These shots are unreal! The combination of subject, style, light, and visual excitement are off the charts! If someone were to photograph me, I'd want it to be this guy!
I strongly suggest that you all check out Robby's Photos and explore flickr and compliment others who are doing a really good job in a sea of blah photography!

082210 Sorry Super Busy!

Hello my Friends, Merely a recap this week! I am super busy and up to my eyeballs in awesome right now (Almost literally, pics to come!)!

In the mean time my past clients will be happy to know I am completing all of your beautiful orders!

Thank you again!

Orders are coming this week or early next to all of you!

081910 Pictorial Ad, and Flowers

Terri and I recently were hired to create a pictorial image for an article. Here's an image.
The client served jewelry.

The amazing creation of Laura Schaber at Ford Ellington Even Design.

082110 Backgrounds

Here's an image I've left big to make a background for your PC!

If you happen to go to UC you may recognize this!

081310 Trying some new stuff!

Hello everyone, I've been inspired to try to make some actions in Photoshop for color shifting. I think this fad is a nice skill to have in the post production arsenal. I love the way the photos look like the ones my grandmas and I used to look through.

These are the result of the actions that I created. So far I have the blue (above),

And the purple here.

Terri and I created this for you as a letterbox monitor background (it's hi-res-rific!)