032809 A Haunting We Will Go

Spurred on by my co-worker "Gem" and her ghost stories about book burnings I decided to make take some ghost photos as my theme this weekend.

"A Haunting We Will Go" was also the title of the 14th album I recorded under the band name Evol.

Pretty fun.

032809 Further Spooky

After faking taking the ghost photos I was on a
roll and played with two other images.

Bloody Mary
(Mmmm I want one right now.)

(They really suck.)

032609 Don't Play With Matches

I have no idea why this house burned down.

We totally obeyed this sign...

right until I saw these clubs.


032509 National Mag and Digital Pro Talk

I found out yesterday from Teddy that one of my photos from the Javelin Dance photo shoot made it into the nationally published magazine HM.

Uncredited, but at least I can say I have a nationally published photo.

In other news this cheesy dork is running tech support for David Ziser's Digital Wakeup Call tour 2009. This is a seminar for anyone who is interested in creating better images. From beginner to pro anyone can learn something from this seminar. However you better take notes because there is SO MUCH information packed into every minute that if you aren't ready to hear it or you are still processing the last sentence you'll miss half of the presentation.
Everything I know about photography I learned from this seminar. I've seen it twice and I own the DVD. Massive tons of useful stuff here.

On a similar note David's wildly popular Digital Pro Talk blog featured my levitation post on Monday. My average hits per day went from the average 30 or 40 to a skyrocketing 400 Monday and 260 yesterday. Here's the link to the post. Everyone seems incredulous about the fact I just jumped.

Thank you David! I appreciate the plug.

32109 Silly Photo (B is B)

Chelsea thinks she has her mom in the palm of her hand.

These photos are part of the shoot we did to come up with a silly photo for a competition.

032209 JUNK SHOP!!

Terri's good friend Kasey found the coolest junkshop in the world and shared it with us!!!


This is Kasey.

That is her dear sweet Beale.

Joe McNally himself, Damien Tepe, got in on the act as well!

This is my Alex Supertramp photo.
For those of you who don't get this kinda sick joke click here.

032009 Die Dresser Die

The dresser (that used to be here) outlived it's usefulness. After several years of cramming clothes the bottoms fell out and the handles broke off. A puppy even ate the lower drawer. It was time to die. And Terri and friends were all too happy to make it happen.

Uh, then we burned it in what was left of our apple tree.

And it got kinda big.

Our friend Andy charring the ceremonial birthday bat of doom.

Here Robert Kelly Highlander proves that
Scotland, too, had leprechauns.

031909 I'll Take Your Head

When I'm at work in Awesometown I'm all business.
If you get in my way... I'll take your head.

Really we were getting a new door and they cut a hole for us so we could do the photoshoot.

Then Mark (who is an amazing artist) drew this so we could pretend we were at the beach.

031409 A Day Off to Lift My Spirits (Levitation)

Alternative title: I get more hangtime than (insert popular and talented basketballer of the moment here).

I took a day off this week because I was feeling down.

I sought inspiration and meditation in nature for a while, but that didn't do the trick.

Floated around town for a while...

Watched geese honking in the park.

Walked the dog. (the only downside from this photo was that I actually had to walk the dog)

Then I made my favorite lunch, Skyline Chili, but nothing seemed to lift my spirits so I took a nap.

Maybe tomorrow.


Seeing as how today is Friday the 13th, I thought I'd do a series on Superstitions. So here they are! They are heavily photoshopped.
Bad luck to walk under a ladder you might drop stuff on you.

Bad luck to have a HUGE black cat cross your path.

Bad luck to spill salt on your slugs.

7 years bad luck for punching a mirror.

Bad luck to open an umbrella indoors.
Which is especially bad for us Photographers. We use umbrellas all the time.