Engaged! By Ford Ellington

A month ago I got to go to one of the best parties Cincinnati has the capability of throwing!
Engaged - a thank you party for vendors working with the best floral event designer in the tri-state area, thrown by Ford-Ellington floral and event design.
 DJ Toad was there!
And the evening was amazing!

 The beautiful and talented Elisa MacKenzie takes a moment to tend bar.
And host Kevin entertains the lovely Taylor.
The cast of amazing vendors increases!
Kevin watches in horror as Sherri Barber attacks Laura Leppert
All my photographer friends were there! Mandy Leigh and Brenda Pottinger!
Thank you Kevin and Michael for the evening! Thank you Lala!

Find out  more about Ford Ellington's amazing designs here
or on the blog tag

Art Purge!

 This week I bring you a folder of neglected art images taken on various shoots!
 I used to take a lot more images of just random things...

 And since that's only once and a while...

 It's good to post a few to remember that creativity comes from experimentation!

So take lots of images!

Of whatever is around you!

 Because you'll never know

When something magical or amazing might pop up

 Or something cool will catch your eye

 Like an out house.

Or a pattern in the sun...


Catch up with you in a moment!

(Image and Design by Kat B)
I'm busy this week! I'll get back with you in a minute!
Busy photographin!
 And Making Magic!
And hangin out with Vivian!
See you soon!