042509 Ottawa Ohio

I spent a little time in Ottawa Ohio this weekend...
This... is... Ottawa (this one particular)!



I'm on a boat.

Ottawa Weddings?


041909 Kenton County Animal Shelter (B is B)

Here are a few choice photos from the
Kenton County Animal Shelter last weekend.
Since this is a new building (and it was raining) I have to do a little touch-up work to make it look it's best. Here's the original.

I'm not big on animals, but I finally found a kitten I wanted.

042609 Misc

Best Fire Pit Ever!


This is a Flickr.com slideshow of portraits I have taken.

Portrait season is here... call now for availability!!!

041809 Further Fun with Facial Hair

After last week's "Fun with Facial Hair" I decided to keep going.

It was hilarious I say, hilarious!
PS-I've got no short shorts.

041809 Beautiful Beth (B is B)

A successful event coordinator for All Occasions, Beth asked me to take her portrait for some professional social networking sites she belongs to after some one commented on her previous profile pic.

The only comments she'll get with these photos is "You are SO beautiful!" or "Thank you so much for helping me plan my event!" and possibly "Who's your photographer?" (But I just made that up.)

041809 FLOWERS!


041709 More Awesometown, or Awesomertown

Playing on the Cop theme I decided to dress like this for work. I sent people this image with the quote "Officer Viltrakis is not amused." or "I know where you work."

Actual photo by Mark, this is if it was 1975 in Awesometown.

This beautiful woman is Kim, she'll be adorning the blog sometime soon with her beautiful daughter. She came to visit Awesometown last week.

041809 MISC

Terri is an amazing sport. I was using my macro lens and the Ray Ring Flash again yesterday.

Awaiting Rob's arrival for his portrait session.

Funny thing about this nest. A co-worker came to Awesometown last week and asked us if the nest was real. She assumed we had made it and put Easter candy in it to fool everyone. When you make people question reality you know you are doing something right.

Nothing says mowing to me like green paws!

041109 Rob, The Man of the Hour! (B is B)

As with a lot of people these days the economy has effected Rob negatively. He came to me with the good idea that if he was to be in the job market soon, he would want to put his best Internet foot forward. And that means having a professional head shot for your social networking (Facebook, myspace, Linkedin, etc. etc.) site.

More than ever companies are doing Internet research on the people they interview. It's very important not only to present a good written persona, but also a great looking one too! The old "Myspace Self Portrait holding the camera yourself or in a mirror" just won't cut it anymore. Show the world that your are a serious candidate even if your photos aren't serious! It was in that vein that Rob and I crafted some very professional portraits.

However we have a hard time being serious...
You have to have some that reflect your true personality for when you DO land the job! You should see my facebook account
(and add me as a friend for that matter).
I only have photos that are stupid.
Including my current one!

If you are interested in Social Networking Portraits
please contact me soon the season is picking up and...
I am offering a discount for a limited time!