033008 Misc

I was in victoria's secret sunday. woo. I saw a scene that got me thinking.
A little girl about 6 or so was in the store with her mom. She was dressed in sweat pants that said "princess" across the butt.
She was reaching and staring up at the busty size 0 mannequin with only a bra and panties on. I can only imagine what was crossing her mind.
I wanted to take the picture SO bad, but I thought I would get kicked out.

032208 Ryan

This guy is it. He says "Please" and "Thank you, Sir."

And he likes hats.

032308 Misc

My wife left me... for San Francisco... for a week... yea cheese for dinner!

The roses are finally going.

030108 Gem and Mineral Show Spoils

This is Labradorite, same as here.
It is my new favorite stone.

I ended up spending $160 at the show. I like shiny things.