072708 Business is Business

Here's two of the most intereting individuals I have had the privelage of taking portraits of.
This is Nat.

And this is Dot.

072608 Waterfalls (again) and Hocking Hills Ohio

Hocking Hills Ohio and my 2nd Annual Insane Camping Extravaganza.

Terri enjoying herself.

Marshall and Jenny

072608 Night Photography Hocking Hills

Night Shots from the Hocking Hills Camping Trip.



F 22, 13 seconds, flash fired twice

Light as a feather Stiff as a board.
(good in theory)

072708 Smoke in Morning Sun

Ok, so this morning we decided to throw a back of marshmallows that had gotten wet over night on a fire...

072608 Misc

In a shocking and mysterious repeat of last week's post... I bring you toes and waterfalls!

This is the box where my wife's bouquet lives in the basement.