122410 HolidayFest 2010

Happy Holiday Season!

Some holiday rituals are cooler than others.

And the food! Happy Holidays Everyone!


Every year I try to go out and take macro photos of snowflakes.

Eventually they all end up water.

122410 Our Friends Danny and Tina!

(November in the Tina Love's Danny 2011 Calendar)
In more great news, now that the gifts have been exchanged I can tell you that my good friend Danny got a very special gift for xmas this year. Sneaking here and there Danny's wonderful wife, Tina, and I put together a magnificent calendar in the style of American Painter Gil Elvgrin of Tina in a bunch of magnificently coordinated scenes! I'll be sharing some of the images in the future as long as it's all right with Danny and Tina!

122210 Krohn Conservatory

Last Wednesday Terri and I were asked to provide information for the guests to the Krohn Conservatory! We developed a really nice presentation on the basic function of the camera as well as a little posing and grouping.

The presentation included helpful tips for point and shoot cameras as well as SLR while reminding the user to think of the subjects too, not just the camera!

121610 Regan and Josh's Album!

One of the best feelings is to finish a job well done, and this week I can say that it feels good! I just managed to finish the album for my good friends Regan and Josh (hopefully in time for the holidays)!!

The beautiful Regan.

As with all my clients, I deliver the highest possible quality product. In the original image Regan and Josh selected I wasn't happy with the background. Click here to see the level of detail I go to to make images perfect for my clients (original image)! I hope they enjoy the end result! 

Your album is on its way my friends! 

112110 GTCO VOLTS!

This past weekend marked the second year I have been able to photograph the award winning GTCO Volts Competition Cheer Teams! These girls and guys are the most fun bunch of high energy kids in the world! 

Head coach Victor and his team make sure everyone has a great time while learning coordination, grace, poise, sportsmanship, and make life long friends! It's really fun to be in their gym (I get to shoot on the bouncy floor!!!)

This year I was pretty excited about getting to use the GTCO trailer in the Hip Hop team's group photo! 


Carolina's Fight For Life

 Hello anyone who would read this, I don't normally post anything other than photography on this blog (with rare exception) but I really want to ask you to help out someone I know with a rare form of cancer. 

Some of you may know I work a day job at a Johnson and Johnson company. One of the services I was working with, on my project, was run by a very nice fellow named Craig DeHond. As the inevitable bugs were being worked out between our systems I came to learn that his wife, Caroline, had cancer. The type of cancer was the real shocking part to me. 

Click here for the article about the DeHonds in the Penfield NY paper, The Democrat and Chronicle.

  • There are only about 300 known cases of Clear Cell Sarcoma in the past 40 years.
  • Only about 50% of patients live more than 5 years.
  • Carolina has a 10% chance of seeing her daughters graduate from high school.
  • Clear Cell Sarcoma has a very high recurrence rate.
  • After Clear Cell Sarcoma spreads, the prognosis is death.

This cancer is treated by removing it surgically, as chemo and radiation therapies have not been effective. What this means is that if the cancer is not fully removed during the initial surgery, the patients prognosis for survival is bad, very bad! This extremely rare cancer has only been diagnosed about 300 times in the past 40 years. Up to this point, there have not been any successful treatment protocols developed to combat the cancer after it spreads.

After reading this and reading that there is no proven treatment and experimental treatments aren't being covered by insurance I immediately asked where I could make a donation. 

To quote the "Democrat and Chronicle" 

"When a new tumor was detected in Carolina's leg this fall, friends and family started holding fundraisers.

The DeHonds are looking to spend the donations, plus money they'd saved, on treatment in New York City, Mexico, Germany or elsewhere that could cost $50,000 or more. Insurance doesn't cover such experimental treatments."

With professional athletes being paid billions of dollars a year I refuse to believe that the average American doesn't have a few dollars to donate to a just cause. 

If you would like to help try to save a life this season please donate:

By check:
Payable to: "Rochester Christian Reformed Church"
Write "Carolina's Fight! in the memo section.
Mail to: Rochester Christian Reformed Church
2750 Atlantic Ave.
Penfield, NY 14526
Attn: Carolina's Fight!

Online donations: Using PayPal
Via the “Send Money” feature, you can send donations
to CarolinasFight@rochester.rr.com

In-person donations: You may drop off cash
In-person donations: You may drop off cash
or check donations at Juan & Maria’s Empanada Stop
in the Public Market, Rochester, NY

More information can be found at Carolina's website: www.carolinasfightforlife.com

121010 In Rangefinder again this month!

In Xmas news for me, another photo of my boss and friend David Ziser is published in this month's issue (Dec. 2010) of Rangefinder Magazine!

There we are third from the left top row! Too bad my favorite is last in the second row, Doug Gordon. Hilarious!

Here's all the nice folks at Animoto headquarters in New York gathered around David and my portrait! (image from David's blog!)

(This is the image)

This is especially cool because the first image published was of a slightly different image because of editing delays. See the original image from the post here!

120310 TWIG @ The Village Tavern

The big story this week was the concert local Cincinnati rock band TWIG played at the Village Tavern in Montgomery to promote their new album Light Up the Sky!

I'm not usually a fan of the bar scene, but the environment at the Village Tavern was cozy and perfect. Twig laid it down with crowd favorites and originals alike while the crowd sang along and really had a great time.

Catch up with the band and pre-order their new album Light Up the Sky, below!

Hear the music: Twig on Myspace

Talk to the Band: Facebook

Short Post This Week!

Short post this week! The holidays are getting close and the season is ending with a bang! So, in the spirit of the recent Professional Professionals Art show hosted by artist/sculpturist Mike D, here's a few summer themed art images. 

(Some beautiful bokeh from my new canon 50 mm 1.4  lens.)

(My contribution to the exhibit.) 

And as always, if you need my services, you know where to find me thanks to my sister, Julia's brand new business card nan bread! It's as tasty as it is informative. :)

120410 Orders Galore! Thank you everyone!

This week has been all about my customers!

The Beautiful Ms. Julia

Lots of orders this week and Terri and I made sure to make every one as good as possible.

The Dynamic Ms. Kat.

The lovely Lauren

Thank you each and every one of the people who appreciate art in their keepsakes!
I feel privileged to take your portraits!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

December 2nd Art Show @ The Southgate House

Here's a couple 11x14s I had mounted to canvas for the first art show I have been a part of in years.

Hopefully the concept of portraiture as art is appealing. :)

The show will be on the third floor of the Southgate House December 2nd. Come out and check it out if you have the time.

Southgate House
24 East 3rd Street
Newport, KY 41071-1608
(859) 431-2201
24 East 3rd Street
Newport, KY 41071-1608
(859) 431-2201