CNE Career Day 2012

 Super awesome happy fun times Thursday for Clermont North Eastern's 2012 Career Day. 
Always a fun time for the kids to have some sort of choice in the information being shoveled at them for the day! When I come in not only do I bomb like showtime at the Apollo, but I disrupt the other speakers. It's pretty awesome.
 After briefly and fairly honestly going through how I got to what I am doing currently and what some of the ups and downs were like I reinforced that I had no intention of being boring and took each of the classes outside to show them what a group portrait session would actually be like! 
 (PS - I whooped up on the governmental auditing lecture)
 Unfortunately there's no air conditioning and I was outside their open windows yelling :( Sorry other presenters. Next time bring lazers!)
 As the sun came up in full glory I got the added bonus of showing the kids how I deal with adversity!Ending up in the parking lot with my 10-22 to show off the long shadows!
And everyone wanted to levitate, which is cool. 

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to come in and show that there are many options to making a living!
If i remember correctly my quote for the school paper was "No matter what you want to do, relentless practice will help you get there!"

Just found my roots! 1997

 I managed to find scans of my first set of photos that I thought were good while looking for material for the CNE Career Day presentations! 

 These were all taken on Kodak 800 ISO film with a Nikon FE I believe... dad help me out... Kinda looked like this.
 Most of them (if not all) were taken with the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 that's all the fashion again. Manual focus of course.
I wasn't the greatest camera man at the time, but I did have an interest and I liked composition.
 Nothing like getting chased up onto a roof by an angry woman with a sword. That's worthy of commemorating.  :)
 10 feet off the forest floor portrait!
 This was always one of my favorites. It's Kris Rekers (i think) wearing an over sized Easter rabbit head too close to a light fixture.

Look at the size of this Dog!

Had my good friends Jessica  (obscured by dog) and Taha come over recently for an album review and they brought their dog!  
I was so shocked by the great dane I had to get out the camera! 
Viv loved it too!

Explosive Growth for the New Economy!

 Great news Florida friends! My good friend Eric Cameron and I are proud to tell you that we will be putting on an amazing wedding and event seminar in Orlando Florida!! Yes! June 29th, 30th, and July 1st at the Harmon School of Photography! Here are some images that we created at the PhotoPro Expo
 Our Wonderful models were Tiffany and Casey!! 

 This seminar will cover everything from the beginning of the sale to increasing your bottom line!

 We had a blast running all over the convention center snapping bad and good examples to show the class!
Here's a little unedited sample of lighting placement :)

Once again our Explosive Wedding Growth for the New Economy!
June 29th, 30th, July 1st! 

More Free Facebook Covers!

Great news friends! I spent the morning creating new free facebook cover photos for you! 
Here's the new ones! 

Misc Stuff

 This week no big event! It's been a nice week off. :) Just finished a Mitzvah with David Ziser last night as well. Fun times!
So here's a little stuff that has been lurking around folders on the archive! My little princess Vivian is now walking!
 Photographing corporate events sometimes leads to some interesting candids.  
 Don't even know what this is, but it's cool!
 I managed to catch a bee hovering around one bride's bouquet! 
 One night while mommy worked late daddy and Vivian picked out our favorite pictures of her :)
 Everyone on facebook enjoyed this photo so much I thought I'd upload it at high resolution for you all to save as a desktop background. 
And here's a cool shot of me by my friend and fellow photog Patti Boehnlein on the crane at the PhotoPro Expo taking the images of the amazing tradeshow!
Have a great week!

I Can't Wait for Keith and Rael's Wedding!!

 Ladies and gentlemen, meet Keith and Rael.

 I just can't wait for their wedding on lake Lyndsay this May! They claim to not know what they are doing in photos, but just look at the results. 
 They are fun, energetic, creative, and really in love!
 We'll try to get this in the brochure at Krohn! :)

 As always, we keep trying to provide as many different styles of portraits when we hit a location. You never know what will look the coolest so I try a bunch. 
 I have to mention also that Krohn's Spring Show is in full bloom and you would be crazy to miss it! They redesign the main room in the most inventive ways every season! If you can't wait for spring, don't. Go to Krohn Conservatory.

You may have noticed that we have been photographing a lot of couples at Krohn lately! Krohn Conservatory is also a fantastic place to take your clients for beautiful and diverse greenery in the winter months or on a rainy day. MAKE SURE YOU CALL FIRST and set up your session. The newly revised fees are very reasonable and I'm sure Keith and Rael will agree that the place was a truly amazing experience itself!

See this large! :) No matter if they were attacking each other, being amazed by botany, or hugging this team was hilarious and fun to work with!
Thank you guys! We're going to ROCK this May at the Lake!!

And a SUPER BIG THANKS to director Andrea Schepmann and her fabulous team at Krohn for letting my mom and baby stay after they closed to let us finish our shoot :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!