Just found my roots! 1997

 I managed to find scans of my first set of photos that I thought were good while looking for material for the CNE Career Day presentations! 

 These were all taken on Kodak 800 ISO film with a Nikon FE I believe... dad help me out... Kinda looked like this.
 Most of them (if not all) were taken with the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 that's all the fashion again. Manual focus of course.
I wasn't the greatest camera man at the time, but I did have an interest and I liked composition.
 Nothing like getting chased up onto a roof by an angry woman with a sword. That's worthy of commemorating.  :)
 10 feet off the forest floor portrait!
 This was always one of my favorites. It's Kris Rekers (i think) wearing an over sized Easter rabbit head too close to a light fixture.

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