Meghan and Mike's Candle Lit Wedding

Two weeks ago I got invited with my talented and beautiful wife to preserve the special moments of Meghan and Mike's candle lit wedding! It was fantastic!

We started the day on the 16th floor of one of the fine downtown Cincinnati Hotels!
What an amazing beginning!

Truly fans of the urban scenery Terri and I met up with Mike at his groomsmen's house downtown.

The wedding itself was at the fabulous Bell Event Center, also downtown.

Bam! (They do this every wedding)

Seriously, this wedding was FUN!


Matt's High Gear Senior Portraits! +OJ Santiago!

Matt is awesome! This guy never stopped smiling and rockin it! With a little help from OJ Santiago we managed to persuade Matt to speed his Lexus down the old horse-cart width alleys in Cincinnati and straight into my camera! Fun times!

I think Matt's entering this one in a magazine contest or something. :)

Not only is Matt too cool for words, his family came along for the experience and they too are amazingly awesome people! We snuck in a few family portraits and talked about photographing a Ferrari on top of a building! I can't wait! I'll need OJ for that one too!

It was a great day, we even got to take a few pictures with the Occupy Beautiful Downtown City Parks people and a wayward Bengals fan.

Matt and his family kept it cool the whole time. :)

Thanks Matt!

Kris Rekers Halloween Invasion 2011

This pretty much sums it up.

Again defying all logic and trend, the immortal Mr. Rekers portrayed a "breaker box" this fine eve.
There's nothing like descending upon a public location in masses and watching the confusion unfurl.

Land shark attack!

Here you see Brandon resetting Kris' main circuit.

If you haven't been to one of these parties, it's about time.
However, I have been informed that the Rekers Halloween parties are over... sadness.
But we'll always have these...

The Amazing and Talented Danielle!

Danielle is one intriguing character!

In addition to playing awesome bassoon, Danielle is a talented artist and photographer...

In fact, I hear she's a quick study at everything!

It was a beautifully overcast day that bathed the landscape in an even diffused light!

When we showed up at Cincinnati's Ault Park boy was I surprised to see another photographer with an off camera flash and Zumbrella! I quickly walked over to see who it was and size up my competition when I saw that it was none other than Mr David Ziser and his Fall Master's Class!

After catching up with the gang, Danielle Terri and I muscled our way through the ocean of gleeful photogs learning the profession the right way to grab a few shots at the famous Pavilion!

(Image by Terri)
And ended up with a wonderful set of beautiful images for a great young lady!

Turns Out Viv's in a Coven

Gramma dressed Punkin up like a witch!

Looks like a witch she will be for Halloween!

Bethany and Norm's Amazing Wedding!

Beyond being a beautiful couple on the outside, our friends Norm and Bethany are beautiful to the core. It was my pleasure to be asked to preserve their special moments at their wedding last week!!

Terri and I got to try out some really awesome new techniques that really made the coverage amazing, which was really important to us!

As you can imagine people of this caliber are surrounded by equally amazing friends and family! Norm's groomsmen were hilarious, they never stopped smiling and having a great time! Bethany's bride's maids were elegant, kind, and beautiful!

And Bethany, herself... stunning!

It was a beautiful day!

Absolutely breathtaking! Lucky Norm!

I have to say my beautiful wife, Terri, is making me nervous she may take over as main shooter! Her images from this wedding were outstanding! It's hard to believe that she can take amazing shots like these while holding our off camera light! Check her out!

And speaking of great photographers... the beautiful Bethany worked in the wedding industry and invited scores of her photog friends! Check out the day from the perspective of Eddy Wong, Harbison Studios, and Kalyn Mann. All combined I think we could make a spot animation movie!

Here's a cool concept group photo Bethany and I planned. It took just a second longer than Jaylee was interested )

To elaborate about Norm and Bethany, they are amazing spirits that lighten up a room. Norm has always been industrious, dedicated, and kind. Bethany is gorgeous, genuine, warm, and graceful! SO Nice! They were great and can't take a bad photo!

This one is just amazing!

Everyone had a great time!



Ginny and Matt's Engagement Session

(Lead image this week by Terri Viltrakis)

This week I had a fantastic experience photographing Ginny and Matt's engagement session. They are truly in love and just being around them i can tell you their feelings are contagious!

Family portrait!

What a great couple! They are very easy to work with and so nice!

I just can't wait for their December wedding!

We hiked all over Ault Park, one of the couples favorite places, to find some really amazing scenes in which to place the smitten couple!

We even got to the pavilion to grab a few last images at sunset (some with mom and dad too!)!

It was a wonderful time!