Jessica and Taha

This wonderful couple is Jessica and Taha, two of the most amicable and gentle people ever!

They decided to have their special evening under the stars at the Cincinnati Zoo! And it was a magnificent choice. The entire reception area was lit with millions of tiny purple led lights! It was amazing!

Our dutiful groom Taha calmly preparing for the moment.

A pause in the action to pose with the beautiful Jessica!

And this is the intended result of the Henna Celebration [photos] from last week. :)

Jessica and Taha were a pleasure for Terri and I because they knew what they wanted. That made it simple for us to keep the style of the day true.

Like this classic image of Joey and Chad "monkeying" around :)

The lovely bride's maids. These girls were amazing too! Emily L. above is SO lucky she found 8 4 leaf clovers and passed them out. PROOF

It was am intimate ceremony in the shadow of the Zoo's Elephant Reserve.

...and then!!! Jessica and Taha got to meet the elephants!

The Zoo has some seriously amazing facilities available for any event you might need a space for. There were animals with handlers walking around throughout the evening, amazing settings, and free reign over the whole park! I even got to see a lion at the end of the night! I can't say enough good things about it, really!

This is one for the moms :) My flash didn't recycle fast enough and the light was from Terri's off camera 580, but it catches the glee on both mom's faces while they watch their children cut the wedding cake :) So perfect!

(You have to see this large!)

Late in the evening, further proof that the maids of honor (there wasn't just one, they all were) were awesome, Taraheh performed a part an opera.

This really was magic. THANK YOU SO MUCH JESSICA AND TAHA!! Thank you for letting Terri and I be your photographers!

Oh yea, and Terri is awesome look here.

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