Jessica's Henna Celebration

Our beautiful bride of Last night, Jessica, also invited us to her home Thursday for the customary henna party in preparation for marriage.

They had a very skilled henna artist who quickly and elegantly added line after line of the ground leaf dye onto the wedding party. (When I can find out her contact information I'll post it.)

The detail is amazing! This lasts for two to three weeks and the bride is not allowed to do any house work while it is still on her skin! :)

One reason for excitement at the party was that I finally got to work with my great friend and very talented Reno photographer, Carrie Compton! Carrie's attention to detail and ability to absorb so much from her surroundings create images that are both emotive and dynamic. (I wanna say she started by photographing extreme mountain biking and then went to fine art photography. :)

Check out everything Carrie right at her website:

Another fantastic reason to celebrate was that the couple just closed on a house that week! Here's our groom, Taha, and his wonderful mother Karima with the bag of shiny new keys!

Meanwhile... it's all coming together!

When Carrie and I decided to shoot together I said, what do you want to shoot? Carrie: "Details." I said, Go-(wo)Man-Go! When we were finished there were over 100 breathtaking images like the one above.

And this one :) This little parrot really didn't know what to make of me. (He's in the Nick and Terri Working post below on my shoulder.)

Here's another of Carrie's amazing images of the meal Karima prepared for the party. It's was delicious!

I just can't wait to show you the Wedding images from last night!!! But that will have to wait for next week!


And super big thanks to Carrie Compton for teaming up with me to bring some real diversity to the memories! Woo Hoo!

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