022810 Snowball Fight!

Take that, Lefty!

A week ago I got cabin fever and wanted to photograph something fun so I posted a question on facebook.

How could I use double exposure (same person twice in one photo) to make super awesome photos? Any ideas?

And a tag team effort by my friends Matt and Jim came up with the concept of an epic snowball fight self battle. I ended up falling short of the mark. But, I can tell people that I had a snowball fight with myself!

022810 Yearbook Ad

This is my ad in the Little Miami High School yearbook.

Would this make you want to let me take your portrait if you were graduating from high school?

022810 Misc. Roundup

We had another fantastic shoot with Weston recently. Thanks Katherine and Jerry!

This is my former co-worker Mark, great guy. I love this 1.8 portrait!
I think that's his "soap opera guy" face.

This is called flamboyant. I took this photo on my honeymoon.

022010 Josh Pilot Band.... something's coming!

I can't say anything yet... but something is coming!
I'll post more when I can! Until then...

022010 Life Cycle of a Rose

Well it took me forever, but I finished. About two weeks ago I asked the facebook community what to shoot at since everything was covered in snow. Here's one of the results. I took a photo of this flower every 8 hours for two weeks. As it turns out, cold weather really slows down a flower's death... who knew?

021310 Taylor's Order

The lovely Ms. Taylor finally got her order last week!

She has some really fantastic portraits! But then again, it's easy with a model like Taylor.

022010 Misc.

Seriously, thanks for looking.

021310 Out in the Snow!

You can't really tell here, but I'm wearing my oversized bum slippers my good friend Rob gave me. I thought it
would be funny, but...

021310 Snow Animations!

Hey, I think I'm getting better at these!

021210 Snow, It's Cold Here.

Terri and I have been having a nice time in the snow this last week. It's a great excuse to get out of the house!

This is where we were recreating the little world picture since the sky was more blue than last time.

020610 Tiny Worlds (Just another experiment in fun!)

This is the coolest! My beautiful wife Terri brought up the topic of these little world images this week. After some trial and error I came up with these...

Ms. Kiki


This world was made from the picture below...

I love little Terri in this one.
I think it would look great as a 24X36 gallery wrap!

This snowball came from the image below!

Just another experiment in fun!

020710 The Josh Pilot Band (B is B)



and Jason.

The Josh Pilot Band throws down a soulful earthy blues with rock solid rhythm and face melting solos all over the Cincinnati area. Check them out at their website HERE!