062809 Scouting Cox Arboretum! (B is B)

My beautiful wife, Terri, and I went to Cox Arboretum in Dayton yesterday to scout locations for a photo shoot we have coming up there soon. The Arboretum is a small-ish well sculpted park (Check out the panorama in the next post!). It's really nice and a fantastic place to photograph!

This was a funny shot in between when a group of people led by a strong willed bride-to-be were blah, blah, blah-ing, planning the service, and repeatedly walking into the only photograph I had planned to take. Not-to-mention the hordes of tours.

A little patience paid off.
This was the shot.
(This shot was constructed with the
two point lighting technique I detailed on Digital Pro Talk [link])

I sure love my wife.

062809 Cox Arboretum Panorama

And this is the Arboretum itself.

You must click this image to see it large. It is BEAUTIFUL!

We originally had intended to visit Ohio's "largest native butterfly house," but as far as Terri and I could tell it was more of a terrarium for retirees. Instead we moved on to...

062709 TURTLES!

And in this pond there were turtles!
(This is an HDR image of the pond.)

Terri loves turtles, elephants, songs about drifters, and books about the same.

When we got married we went on a catamaran and touched sea turtles. Terri took all 24 exposures of the underwater camera in about 9 seconds, which is impressive considering she was treading water, winding the camera, reaching for the turtle, and tink'ling a little with excitement all at the same time.

062709 Flowers of Cox Arboretum

I love flowers. Before I was a Wedding Photographer I was an Wedding/Event florist with the Uber-florist Kevin Ford of Ford-Ellington Design. I'm pretty sure that was the best job I have ever had.

After deciding against the "butterfly" house Terri and I walked around the took in the flowers.

062809 Misc

Here's a little junk I had left over.
(I think Rob actually took this picture screwing around, but it turned out pretty neat.)

If you are around me you know I LOVE my Itouch and I would love to buy an Iphone, alas, I am not in a financial position to pay the $700 a month they cost. In the mean time I'll settle for the free wi-fi.

062009... 1890!

I really like the 1890s F1.2 images. I think they are way cool. Here's what my beautiful wife and I would look like if we were a sophisticated 19th century couple.
(Originals from the Library of Congress)

062009 Cathy's Birthday Bash

Doug decided to surprise Cathy this year for her birthday. The theme was Zombies and what better place to have the party than a creepy third floor of this warehouse in Northside?

A little of the outside where you could hear the furious thrashings of a metal band practicing.

Speaking of the 1890s, here's a little of the interior which was undoubtedly built in the 1890s.

And a great backdrop for portraits.

I got a little crazy with the overlays.

Zombie Rekers... he jumped out of a "cake" for Cathy.

Zombie Yoda

The super creepy elevator,

And shaft...

At the party there was art...

and billiards...

and zombies... jumping out of cakes.

And this beautiful woman is Cathy. One time I witnessed her forcing boxes of frozen beans down trousers. She's pretty cool. Doug added an additional aspect of suprise by preventing her from eating for about 8 hours before the party.

062009 Bugs in the Garden

I went out in the Garden yesteday for some R&R, or as close as I can come to R&R, and this is what I saw!

60mm Macro F2.8, click here for detail!

I think this is a sweat bee. Click here for detail.

062009 Graduation!

This was the weekend of the Graduation party for many of my most beloved seniors! "Mrs. Viltrakis" and I got invited to so many that we had to dance about to make it to as many as possible. We're REALLY sorry about missing so many great senior's parties! We wanted to go to them all.

The party for the amazing Jessi (who's mother runs the equally amazing heART Factory).
The factory is crankin' out great artists all the time! Check out this link and schedule classes for youth or adults alike!

Here's a little photo of the provisions for the army that Nat's mom prepared. Those Blueberries are home grown. And Nat tried to convince me that they had home grown "roast beefs" too.

And here in one place was so many amazing people. Those I photographed included (left to right) Christi, Dorothy, Nat, Kiki, Laura, and Kyle. But you all are super awesome. Even Doc "B."