062809 Scouting Cox Arboretum! (B is B)

My beautiful wife, Terri, and I went to Cox Arboretum in Dayton yesterday to scout locations for a photo shoot we have coming up there soon. The Arboretum is a small-ish well sculpted park (Check out the panorama in the next post!). It's really nice and a fantastic place to photograph!

This was a funny shot in between when a group of people led by a strong willed bride-to-be were blah, blah, blah-ing, planning the service, and repeatedly walking into the only photograph I had planned to take. Not-to-mention the hordes of tours.

A little patience paid off.
This was the shot.
(This shot was constructed with the
two point lighting technique I detailed on Digital Pro Talk [link])

I sure love my wife.

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