Another Great Family Product!

Just got finished with the latest collage for one of my favorite families!
Just in time for the holidays too!

The Gillings Family!

This magnificent group is the Gillings Family!
 I've known Missy for a while now and she is a wonderful person! She was one of my first friends at Ethicon Endo-Surgery! A year later or so I was excited to meet her awesome husband, Chris!
 And this, of course, is little niece Addie!
 She's a show stealer!
I am so glad we got to go out on the last great weekend to capture some beautiful fall shots!
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Cool! Thanks!

The Woods Family

 I had to beg to take the Woods family portrait!
 But I'm glad I did...
We had a lovely day out in the fall to capture the moment! 
Thank you Woods Family!

The Buchwald Family

Another amazing highlight of my  week was the meeting up with the Buchwald family for a portrait!
 Joshua and Jenny are amazing!
 So much class and style in one house!

 We still managed to laugh it up.

Thank you!!!

The Lovely Anne!

 This week I'm happy to show some of the beautiful images of Anne!
We headed up to Ault Park a week ago.

Anne was an amazing model! 
She knew exactly what she wanted! It was a beautiful day! 
 Thank you Anne!

The Best Thing that Ever Happened!

 Best thing that ever happened.. Vivian!
 And she's fun 24/7
 And this weekend, trick-or-treating
In motion as usual! 
Creepin on some candy... 
 This girl jams.
"Call me Stewart." 
 Yea, touched a cactus....
 been to OZ...
 knows the pose!
I love my Vivian more than anything! 
Lady Bugs! 

Nature Girl! 

Jumpin to her favorite music! 

Love you forever Vivian!