Vivian's 3rd Birthday!

 Vivian, my beautiful little girl turned 3 today!
Terri organized a delightful party at Jump & Jacks playland!
 Of course a blue cake because I guess the request for the black cake was too much.
And a jumpy castle! 
 She loves to JUMP!

Then cake!
 It was a great time with family and friends!

 and Cake!!!

and more presents!
A good time was had by all!
 Then PLAY!

Anu & Mike's album is Finished!

I'm happy to say the lovely Anu and her hubby Mike have received their beautiful new wedding album!
I always love to see the images that the clients pick for their favorites!
With this couple I just delivered the custom designed 8x8 album!
  There's always some really nice gems in there I may not see the first time!
<3 br="">
Thank you again Anu and Mike!

Pausing for Family Time

Hey guys, sorry for the inconvenience but we've lost a really great guy. WWII Veteran and  Purple Heart Recipient, Marvin Brinker.
I'll be back next week with more fun.

Dimestore Diplomats

 The real reason I took a trip this weekend to the amazing Pops Resale was to photograph Lexington Band the Dimestore Diplomats!
 What a great band and a great place to photograph!
Pops is a great place full of the coolest stuff!
These guys rock!

Then We Broke Stuff (Seibert's School of Smashin)

So when the photos of the band were over we headed back to Casa de Diordna to do what we do oh so well!
Gather together all the spare electronics that have broken and a few random bats and bowling balls to throw out windows and 
While Yobby D did most of the smashing we were also joined by his lovely wife Jamie, Kat, and...
 I couldn't resist a toss or two!

 The gentle freezing rain really made the night!
 As always Seibert's school of Smashin proved to be quite the evening!
Thank you Seiberts!

Vivian Almost 3

I know I haven't posted much about my wonderful daughter lately so here's a batch of candid moments that kinda show her personality now. 

 That's a drawing of me!

 Rainbow ends on Viv!

Swing shots are a passion of mine!
The long shadow

 Just before she fell in the river.

 Go girl go!
 And creepy, oh yea this girl is weird.


 the Fox

 the face
 on the go

 Perfect swing shot!
I love this one!

Love me some Vivian