New York Wedding With Jason Lykins

Just a little congratulations update to Mr. & Mrs. Burke from 30,000 feet! 
 This weekend I got the privilege of assisting photo maniac, Jason Lykins, on a premier rooftop wedding in Long Beach New York!
 This was a grand affair with all the usual trimmings plus
 A magnificent setting on the beautiful beaches of Long Beach!
 The scenery was amazing!
 The whole thing was wonderful,
 and the decor beautiful
 With some ofthe nicest people I've ever met!
 Here's the reception with Jason's beautiful Dawn 
 and that night had one of the best sunsets!
 Almost everything was perfect...
 except the hotel. They left a lot to be desired! (including when they kicked us out of the restaraunt for photographing the grooms brunch.)
For the real scoop on this amazing wedding check out Jason's official blog at
This wedding was SO AWESOME it was even featured in the NY times!

Cash and Cruse plus!

One of the best things I got to do last week while I was moving was photographing this fine family!
 In addition to these two amazing children
 Sam and
I was there to photograph Cash and Cruse!
All the kids were awesome!
And hilarious! 
We love you guys!


Last week in my move-tastic free for all,
not only did I shoot a wedding outside all day in a suit in 90 degree weather, but I also met up with the super awesome conductor Jesse at Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music.
We roamed the halls an created some amazing photos for his portfolio.
 Thank you again Jesse!


Just got back from the latest CASTLE.
 Those guys and girls don't let you down.

 This event was no exception to the unique and...
creative type of characters playing...

All of these were character portraits from the weekend.

Our portraits are just another way  of saying thanks for coming to the event.

 It was hot as usual, but not impossible.

Check out more about CASTLE here.

TEDxCincinnati 1st Auditions!

 If you weren't there you're missing out! TEDxCincinnati just had it's first ever Auditions!
Hosted at The Next Chapter bar and grill in Mount Adams these TEDxCincinnati events are always awesome!
October 16th 2014 we have the next big main stage event! Mark your calendars!
But now, we have just started holding auditions to pick our speakers!
 We had it all! These were all our awesome auditioners!
 And a special thank you to our amazing judges!

 As always, before and after the event TEDxCincinnati is a great place to meet really interesting and cool people!
You should join us spreading the latest innovations in Technology Entertainment and Design around Cincinnati!
 And hanging out with Jami is always fun too!