WALLET Turns 21!!!!!!! Aug 4th!

Pop Revolution Gallery 

Thur Aug. 4th from 5-9 pm  
24 S. 2nd St
Hamilton, OH 45011

Be there or be square!

Cincinnati Strongman lifts Car 20 times!

 That's right my friends!
The Cincinnati Strongman, Sean McCarthy lifted this car 20 times for charity!!

Be careful who you ask!

Here's an image that Eric Cameron and I took as part of a lesson plan for our Florida seminar (on the left). This is a great image, but editing could make the difference!
You be the judge. Which looks better? 
This brings up a good point. Be careful who you ask to take your photos... Do they know what finished looks like?
They could describe this to you ... 
and you find yourself here...

I have an Art show!

 My opening will be on Thur Aug. 4th from 5-9 pm 

Pop Revolution Gallery artist.
24 S. 2nd St
Hamilton, OH 45011

Mark your Calendars!

American Sign Museum

 Have you seen how cool the American Sign Museum is?
 Recently we got to spend the day with Breakthrough Cincinnati there!

Pree and Sam!

 One of the best things I got to photograph before my allergies took over was my friends Pree and Sam!

 It was a beautiful day at Spring Grove!

600 Rubies: SOL

 600 Rubies second album, SOL is out on USB and Bandcamp!!
They come on these little keys!
 Outtakes from the album shoot...
This is the one used!
Close Second...
I used to live in this room! The infamous 80s party was in here!!!!!!!!!
Super huge thanks to KMR for use of the house!
Next time we promise to play in outlets with grounding.

You can get the first album for a limited time too on the USB format!
The First album: Luna