Photo Pro Expo 2015!!

 The Photo Pro Expo this weekend was amazing...
It was also crazy and exhausting! 
I'll be back next week with a full rundown...

Until then click here and be sad you missed it

Super Awesome Day!

 Saturday Was the Best daddy daughter day ever (so far)!
Got up early
Painted our nails.
 Hung out with Kat!
 (actual window licker)
I anyone has any advice on stopping pika let me know...
 Anywhoo... we made it to the Contemporary Art Center by noon!
 And Mr. Rekers was there!

 And there was a ball pit!
 And a ball pit!
 [SCENE OMITTED] then there was a couple hours at Jump&Jacks with Lilly Rose, Gabriella, and Kat! AND THEN! A ROCK AND ROLL CONCERT!
Viv was a bit cantankerous. 
As the first band played after three or so songs they finished a song and everyone clapped. Vivian turned to me (we were seated in the front row) and said “Everyone knows I don’t clap.” loudly to which the teens all laughed. Then after two more songs the bass player said “This next song is a cover. I hope you like it” and Vivian said “I probably won’t” loudly again and the bass player said. “We already lost one fan.”


Best day ever!

Amazing Winter Engagment with Lindsey and Mark

 This week it is my express pleasure to bring you the beautiful engagement photos of Mark and Lindsey!!!
 This attractive couple was gracious enough to drive on up to Cincinnati and spend the day with Kat and I.
 We ran around the coolest part of downtown!

This wedding is going to be super fun!

 I can't wait!
 This amazing couple even got to bust out their super hero T-shirts for some high flying fun.

Love you guys!

Charles F. Moreland III, Tryptamine, and Futurebum

 Just because I'm lucky last weekend I got to take promo photos of some supergreat bands on a local label! Above you see my favorite shot of Futurebum on Underlying Themes Records.
The Bad Boys from Tryptamine
 Another sweet concept photo
Futurebum is made of flowers I hear. We cannot be sure.
And no one can forget Underlying Themes flagship, Charles F. Moreland III.
 Love those guys!
Charles F. Moreland III

 And round it out with a healthy dose of Futurebum!
Check them out here!

2nd Annual Laser Party!

Woo! This year the laser party was rocking!
The fog machine was in full effect (Thanks Curtis Johnson).
 And plus one big box of gems!
 And plenty of drawing! Bear!
Pukey hello kitty?
Licking lasers?
 Face punch
Boxer vs flamesword

 High power dental.
 Then laser plucking

BOOM! Thank you Kat and Emily!