2015 Butterfly Show Open!

One of the most exciting things I have seen lately was the opening of the Krohn Conservatory Butterfly show for 2015!
 This show is more amazing than ever before!
There's a6 foot water fall!
And a volcano!

 The grand opening party!
 The lovely Andrea
And the support of the Filipino community!

And then the butterflies!

And a demonstration!

Vivian Garden Party 4!

 I can't believe how great Vivian's garden party was!
 This little teenager was so lucky!
This time mommy got her a puppy!
 And she named it....
 Peppermint Sparkle Viltrakis!
And then shot everyone with silly string...
 Then jammed out...
 Accepted some flowers...
 Hung out with grampas
ate blue frosting..
and had a fantastic garden party!
Love you peeper!

Psychic Convention!

I went to the psychic convention with friends this weekend! 
I came away with an aura photograph and some Labradorite hearts!

Coco Keys! Vivian turns 4!

 Last weekend Vivian Kat and I got to check out Coco Keys!
The hotel was a disaster but the water park was pretty fun!

 We had a blast!

Scott & Eileen's Engagement shoot

 This past week I got the privilege of photographing this beautiful couple!
 The rain was persistent!


Wallet Surprise Party Aug 1

Do you want to come to the wallet's 20th birthday party? 
August 1 2015
Let me know if you would like more information!

A Day with the Bauers!

 Recently I got to spend the afternoon with one of my favorite families!

 I got to capture some special and...
 exciting moments for mommy!
And then some portraits too!
And of course with Daddy being one of the founders of C.A.S.T.L.E LARP Zoe knows how to swing a sword!
but also be as cute as mommy!
It was such a fun day!
 We even got to hang out with Grandma!!!!
And have some tea!

And head shots for daddy too why not?!?