I Made the Cover!

 So in some awesome news a recent photo shoot I did for the AMAZING Ford-Ellington Event Design company was featured in the national Catering Magazine!!!!!! What's even cooler is that our image made the cover!
I would be foolish not to state that without Kevin and Laura's beautiful designs this would have never happened! Ford-Ellington is THE top floral design in the tri-state area! If you are getting married you should use them as your benchmark!

Find out more below!


Santa at Krohn Conservatory!

 Great news my friends! The family portrait images from Krohn Conservatory are finished!
Robots and Rainbows served up another heaping helping of holiday cheer with Santa and Krohn this season! 

If you haven't been to the conservatory this season you HAVE to go check it out! 
 And I got to take a few artsy fartsy shots for myself.

Everyone had a great time!
 And Meg and I LOVE to make the kids smile!

The Amazing Kat.

 This fantastic masterpiece was created by the equally amazing fashion designer Kat Bishop!
 Kat and I have been friends for quite some time and I have had the privilege of photographing some of her fabulous creations!
and This!
 Kat is an original and compelling designer with a dramatic edge. Her creations are both compelling and a curiosity. Not only that, but she has one of the quirkiest senses of humor of anyone I have ever met! So when she called me up a few weeks ago to photograph this gown for a critique I was all in after hearing about the antlers. 
 Our beautiful model is Elle. Beside being crazy enough to work with Kat and myself, Elle is an outstanding model willing to go the extra mile for the shot!
 Like wearing antlers with fur on them...
Check out the fabulous detail of this design and fabric! 
And there was some fun too! 
Thank you Kat for letting me preserve this masterpiece! It's no wonder it stole the show!

A Little Fun in the Snow with Kaitlyn

 I had quite a fun time last Sunday! It didn't start off so great actually, my wedding consultation got rescheduled due to some heavy snow... but... 
Then my friend and model Kaitlyn "Cakeland" Smith called me up asking to participate in a snow shoot. 
 And I was all for that!
Despite being warned to bring warm clothes Cakeland opted for the lovely outfit you see above.
 We had a brisk 20 min to capture some awesome images!
And I got to meet Lindsey, who, while cute, threatened to knife me more than once. 

Thanks for the amazing shoot ladies!

Did you know about the American Sign Museum?

 Last week one of the coolest things that I got to do was photograph a holiday party for some surgeon fiends of mine! 
And I was shocked to show up at the American Sign Museum for the celebration! 
 There was SO MUCH neon! 
 This is my friend, and master of ceremonies, Tom, who invited me to photograph the event!

 This place was intense!
 It was a wonderful event!
And totally memorable, Thanks Tom! 
 A little panorama
 The speeches were amazing too!
This event was amazing! Thank you Tom!

The Elegant Wedding of Kevin and Michael!

This week it is my distinct pleasure to share with you selected works from the wedding of my good friends Michael and Kevin!
 Kevin and Michael are one of the most energetic and fun loving couples I have ever known! 
 (And amazing image by Meg Koabel in the back of the 1940s Buick)
 I've been lucky enough to have known the grooms since about 1997 or 1998 since I was hired as a floral designer by Kevin at the most amazing Ford-Ellington Floral and event design headquarters in Ft Thomas KY!
 And now I was lucky enough to preserve the memory of their day! 
 Sadly Michael and Kevin had to exchange their vows in New York as Ohio is a bit slow on the trigger of the whole fairness movement. But the celebration back here in Cincinnati was to die for!
 We hit all the beautiful spots around the city to capture the perfect images!
The day was magical! 
When my amazing assistant Meg Koabel and I saw the arrangements at the Cincinnati  club waiting for us we almost fainted!
Kevin's team at Ford-Ellington is amazing! Especially floral first lady Laura Schaber (who did triple duty as designer, officiant, and room turner)!! 
Everything was perfect! 
 We all enjoyed a beautiful ceremony and welcomed the happy couple to the fantastic reception!
And then we dined! 
 Michael and Kevin are really some of the most classy fellows around!
With a team including Ford Ellington FloralGoodwin Lighting, The Cincinnati Club, Prime Time Rentals, All Occasions, DJ Butlers, Always and Forever Paper Products, Fitz the Occasion draping, and Above and Beyond Event Delivery it's hard to go wrong!
Michael's comedy and laid back style perfectly balanced Kevin's eye for detail in events and passion for perfection!
Have you ever seen a more amazing event?!?! 
Congratulations my friends!
My head is still spinning!

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