Erik's Photoshoot

This is my friend Erik.
I told him he looked kinda like Ian Anderson, but I'm changing my opinion to more like the year 1972 in general.

This guy is awesome, the more we talked, the more we had in common.

Skateboarding, bass guitar, punk rock, having cool parents, we had a similar past. It was a pleasure to create such personal and really cool images for his senior portraits!

For everyone of the seniors that we photograph every session is unique.

This is the symbol for Erik's band which he told me was a pirate pumpkin, but I never caught the name.

After the obligation of the formal "portraiting" was over Erik and I got to the business of creating something extra different! First we have an over the top board slide...

and finished with a fog machine studio rockstar shot (with the setup from "Long Live Rock" Erick is THAT cool!)
Thank you Erik for letting us hang out on a Saturday afternoon! Keep rockin!

Proof I'm enjoying myself. (Me at a Wedding)

Just a fun photo from Meghan and Mike's wedding I came across. This is one of Terri's from afar. Look how stupid happy I am. :)

Finn at 2!

From the time my wonderful wife Terri and I met Finn we knew he was the most charming little man ever!

Initially I thought he should marry the beautiful Maya, but since Terri and I had Vivian,we are saving up our gold, frankincense, and goats!

Who doesn't love a little guy like that?

Thank you SO MUCH guys for keeping me in your life! I greatly appreciate it!

(you know he's cute)

Just some cool stuff!

I was going back through some stuff this weekend ans was really happy with these two oldies! This has to be the coolest prom picture ever!

Fairy tale Terri Vil!

Maya at 2!

Last week I got to spend some time with the little tyke that made me think having one of my own might not be so bad. :)

Little Maya has exploded into an energetic and beautiful little girl!

Nothing can hold her back!

Bye Maya! Thanks for giving me 250th of a second!

Come See Us Wednesday's at the Krohn Conservatory!

This year our studio has been invited to take family portraits at Krohn Conservatory's Winter Holiday Show! It's an amazing show this year too!

(Here's a few from my class last year) Please come down and visit me! The ticket price is $6 and the fun, excitement, trains, and portraits are FREE!

These are just a few of my class last year!

Come on out! I can't wait to take your portrait in such a beautiful setting!

Long live Rock!

From the creators of The Logic, and The Illogic, the Fonky EP and many more...

I finally got together with my good friend Yob Diordina for a weekend jam session on three more tracks for an upcoming EP.
"Phlegmtrails over Duhmerica"
More to come!

The Coops!

Last weekend I got to hang out with the Coops!

Mikaela and Mackenzie are some fun young ladies and they thought I was crazy.

We spent about 20 minutes in the sun taking some amazing photos just after most of the leaves fell from the trees.

A good time was had by all!

Thank you ladies!

The Wedding of Megan and Dan!

I have another seriously awesome one for you!
Megan and Dan are the type of people that can't stop having fun! They make me so happy!

I got to spend a weekend with this beautiful couple to preserve the wacky, zany, and all around gorgeous events of their wedding!!

No shortage on charisma with Dan!

This is an image from the Day After session, where we were all way more tired than we thought we'd be :)

While we make sure to take the formal elegant documentary style photography that has been popular since 1930 or so ...

But, I'm not lying when I say that the best photography comes from a collaboration between the wedding party and the photographer :)

To say that Megan is a "knockout" is an understatement!

From the rehearsal to the day after here, Meg & Dan were full of amazing and awesome ideas to create some really special images.
Not really surprising though, knowing that Megan is a talented photographer in her own right. Check out Meg Koabel Photography HERE!

Photographing photographers has been a trend here recently so I'd like to introduce you to JBowe, the Maid of Honor and also a photographer at Violet Bow photography. :)

Nothing like working for your peers to force you to kick it into high gear, huh?
And Kick Terri and I did! Every wedding or event I try to come up with something that we can do that will be better than ever before. For this reception we set up 3 point lighting gelled to match the wedding colors with fantastic results!

They had a photo booth too, this couple loved photography! (No pressure)

We had a great time! I hope you love your amazing photos as much as I do!