101908 Ethan, Future Buisness Mogul/Rocker (B is B)

Oh yea, dragging a drumset, three lights, and a fog machine into a field with an amazing sunset as the backdrop yields ridiculous photos.

He's so cool!

The aforementioned sunset.

Do I need to reiterate? Is this not awesome?!? One thing I'll say is that fog machines work way better without wind. Here's an alternate version with more virtual fog.

102008 Jessie Strikes a Pose (B isB)

This is the lovely Jessie and her "X I Ting" ride.

While on the shoot we were surrounded by other photographers! At this location there were no less than 5 (!!!) photographers circling waiting for a chance to shoot here.

We were shooting off to the side when I noticed the photographer who had been occupying the spot walking down the steps. "Oh, Lets move!" I said and we rushed over beating out three other photographers (Including the Amazing Tepe) for this spot!

Well worth it though!

I have begun triple lighting my subjects later in the evening for this cool effect!

Helping out on this shoot was Shanon, who you'll remember from her shoot earlier this year with Sophie.

102408 Misc

This is the sky during Ethan's Drum shoot.

101708 Chris' Presence is Overwhelming! (Business is Business)

This amazing gentleman is destined to be a cinema giant!

Chris aspires to be part of the cinematic ensemble.
With a look like this I doubt he'll be a bit part for long.

I am really happy that Chris let me photograph him. A man of this much talent could have chosen anyone! Although we took a multitude of photos the Black and Whites that Chris was interested in are featured in this post.

101208 Kiki can take an Amazing Photo! (Business is Business)

Kiki is one of the most demure women I have met. However, she holds the power within to cast a HUGE shadow.

This woman is fantastic!

Kiki is also romantically linked with the blog regular Nat.
I thank them both for allowing me into their lives!!!

101208 Trees in a Grid!

While driving to Jen's photo shoot Terri and I noticed this super cool grove!

Most of the leaves had fallen after that wind storm so this looks like a spring or summer location.

It sure will be pretty though!

101708 Misc

Ok so... I was eating egg drop soup and i spooned up this face! I was so shocked I couldn't eat it... for about as long as it took to take the picture.

Here we see the amazing Nat doing what he does best.

So, a while ago I posted about the salt water taffy I swirled for my office mate Mark. Well, he took the swirl and paper clipped it to a cup and hung it on the sherrif of Awesometown, bruce the Spruce.

After a week this was the result.

100808 We're Quite Possibly Legally Insane

I feel like this a lot.

100608 Dog... Cone Head

Our stupid dog scratched it's face until it got infected. Now as punishment it has to wear this humiliating cone that it slaps into things all day long.


100808 Shootin' Around (Drees Pavilion)

Wednesday we took a day to go shooting with our good friend Damien Tepe of TepePhoto.com

My favorite Muse.

I broke my flash setup so most of these were taken with Damien's SB 800 multi flash setup triggered by pocket wizards (Dork talk out).

The old aperture trick ripped off from Master Photographer David Ziser. David is my mentor and a genius. If you are serious about getting better about photography, his blog (http://Digitalprotalk.blogspot.com) is an amazing free resource for tips that would take you decades to learn on your own. Thanks David I appreciate you more than you can imagine!