Island Shoot with James Hollenberg and Emily!

(F1.4, 1/8000th, iso 200, 50mm)
After a rough start to a photoshoot setup with lasers, James Hollenberg was gracious enough to invite me on a photoshoot like no other. 
(F1.8,1/8000th of a second, iso 200, 50mm)
The location was a spectacular water scene complete with scrub grass and wind worn cliffs! 
 The only problem was... the model couldn't make it! 
(F1.4, 1/1600th, iso 200, 50mm)
Luckily after a quick message the totally awesome Emily was onboard  
 ...even though it was blustery, freezing, and we had to walk half a mile. :) 
Emily is a pleasure to work with because she has really distinct style and poise!  
(F2.5, 1/5000th, iso 200, 50mm) 
(F22, 1/250th, iso200, 50mm)
We really had a blast running though the dusty beach and yelling over the lapping waves.  
 Mr Hollenberg, man, myth, legend, amazing location scout.
  One thing I have to point out is that most of these shots are photographed at wide apertures with the Canon 600 Speedlights. F 2.8, 200mm, iso 200 here.
 Sadly all we could take was an hour of frigid dinning wind-blast and we had to head back.  
But not before we rocked it on a windy Ohio shore LA style! 
Thank you Emily and James!

Other Emily apperances
James Hollenberg

Woo hoo Box of Gems!

Anyone that has ever been to my home can attest to my collections of shiny things... well recently I visited my good friend Sara and she told me all about making jewelry. One thing lead to another and I just couldn't help buying a bunch of gems! I now have pirate booty! WIN!
THANK YOU SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elegance by Ford-Ellington!

Another recent highlight of my winter was photographing the floral magnificence that is Ford-Ellington (link)!
This amazing ivory event was created for a very lucky bride recently married at Cincinnati's finest ballroom, the Hall of Mirrors
 It was a pleasure to hang out with some of the best wedding professionals in Cincinnati! I have featured the amazing Goodwin Lighting in this little cameo, but...
 Everyone was there! Brigid Horne-Nestor of I do Weddings was organizing, Michael Bambino was clicking away with the bride and groom, plus the amazing Hilton staff who turned the room in 15 min flat!!
 And on top of all that greatness, Kevin and his team plopped a generous scoop of elegance onto the scene that left everyone speechless!

This was a truly magnificent occasion!

Everything was in it's place and the bride loved it! 


I had one of the best weekends a week ago! This cutie is my good friend Kyra! I got to hang out with her after a sweet trip to Oxford to visit my friend Johnna where I almost bought a stuffed skunk!
Kyra has a bunch of really interesting pets!
(And two pet parents also.)

It was a really cool challenge to try to shoot these slick serpents at 1.4!

They're so neat.  

I'm not going to pretend that I remember the names, but these snakes were cool!

More on this fantastic family to come!

A New Take on Youth with Meg Koabel!

I have BIG NEWS coming in the area of youngin's!!  
 My good friend Meg Koabel and I are teaming up to bring you a whole new kind of photography for kids!

We will be starting sessions for Valentine's day and a REALLY fun event this April! 

 It will be a scream!


Fire in Mt Adams with KT and Jason Lykins!

In the slow season I get a little crazy.  
Luckily my good friends Jason Lykins and the amazing KT are a little crazy too. :)
When it snowed last I was all hyped up after the bokeh shoot and I thought what would be cooler in the snow than fire?!?
Well all the snow melted in a week and we went with the evening Cincinnati Skyline to be our backdrop for some portrait pyrotechnics. 
We were super lucky to have our friend, model, and all around great person, KT say yes right away! 
 Always up for something adventurous, we bought magician's flash paper for the stunt. It burns very bright and not very long. And it's kinda safe. 
Apple Guru, Jason Lykins 
And it wasn't all flames and goofing. 
 I even got a 1.4 panorama of Cincinnati from Mt. Adams
Thanks you two!