Island Shoot with James Hollenberg and Emily!

(F1.4, 1/8000th, iso 200, 50mm)
After a rough start to a photoshoot setup with lasers, James Hollenberg was gracious enough to invite me on a photoshoot like no other. 
(F1.8,1/8000th of a second, iso 200, 50mm)
The location was a spectacular water scene complete with scrub grass and wind worn cliffs! 
 The only problem was... the model couldn't make it! 
(F1.4, 1/1600th, iso 200, 50mm)
Luckily after a quick message the totally awesome Emily was onboard  
 ...even though it was blustery, freezing, and we had to walk half a mile. :) 
Emily is a pleasure to work with because she has really distinct style and poise!  
(F2.5, 1/5000th, iso 200, 50mm) 
(F22, 1/250th, iso200, 50mm)
We really had a blast running though the dusty beach and yelling over the lapping waves.  
 Mr Hollenberg, man, myth, legend, amazing location scout.
  One thing I have to point out is that most of these shots are photographed at wide apertures with the Canon 600 Speedlights. F 2.8, 200mm, iso 200 here.
 Sadly all we could take was an hour of frigid dinning wind-blast and we had to head back.  
But not before we rocked it on a windy Ohio shore LA style! 
Thank you Emily and James!

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