Fire in Mt Adams with KT and Jason Lykins!

In the slow season I get a little crazy.  
Luckily my good friends Jason Lykins and the amazing KT are a little crazy too. :)
When it snowed last I was all hyped up after the bokeh shoot and I thought what would be cooler in the snow than fire?!?
Well all the snow melted in a week and we went with the evening Cincinnati Skyline to be our backdrop for some portrait pyrotechnics. 
We were super lucky to have our friend, model, and all around great person, KT say yes right away! 
 Always up for something adventurous, we bought magician's flash paper for the stunt. It burns very bright and not very long. And it's kinda safe. 
Apple Guru, Jason Lykins 
And it wasn't all flames and goofing. 
 I even got a 1.4 panorama of Cincinnati from Mt. Adams
Thanks you two!

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