032711 Urban Lumberjack

Quite an unusual post this week it seems!

I hope you enjoy!

So one of the reasons for my super secret mission two weeks ago was to create some unique portraits for a couple really good friends. Mr. Mad Dog Seibert and DJ Otis (Probably NSFW). DJ Otis had to work a double and wasn't able to make the shoot so Mad Dog and I came up with urban lumberjack sawing down telephone poles. What do you think? This was a joint collaboration with the amazing car god OJ Santiago.

And now on with the show!


I was lucky enough to get invited back to the Cincinnati Chapter of NERO's event this weekend and it was really crazy!

It was like walking around in a movie for the most part.

To get my image with the frogman, here, we had to get pretty wet. And that isn't all that great when it's 34 degrees out. Especially for frogs. (Sorry about that!)

I had to wear a marker so I wouldn't get attacked.

The fox

You always get to meet such colorful people at these kinds of outings. :)

This is my friend Sarah the Zebra

And the battles at these events are pretty serious. My friend Eric below had 60 lb of cast iron armor.

My friends Jason and Eric. A bit ogreish, but great as dinner guests.

So for some reason, the possum was the accountant?

(Moonpie, Score!)

And the wharf rat.

This is an Ork.

While the squirrel tended to fight in trees, most of the action took place in the arena.

The fighting was intense and the vultures circled overhead.

I had a really fun time this weekend. It's not every day that you can stuff your subjects in sewer pipes, and I appreciate the invite.

The NERO events are a great place if you like the Renaissance fair style revelry with no limits on the creativity one is allowed to display.

It's always fun. Even if you get your arm chopped off.

Check out more about NERO here

031911 Seibert's School of Smashin'

So I didn't have time to tell you the tale of "the School's" most recent assignment and our wonderful new friends Mike and Donny.

For ages Andy and I have found a fantastic way to begin the recycling process for used electronics. Turns out all you need is a bowling ball and good old fashioned gravity. :) I mean, we know they're out there and if we don't start, who will?

Seems though the legend has spread about our courageous eco-struggle and now two of Mr. Seibert's friends demanded to assist us in our latest quest to save the planet.

Here you see Donny make short work of a former television! We call this process "mulching."

A quick learner and quite an interesting fellow, Donny demonstrates his bowling acuity as onlookers cower in the distance.

Did I forget to mention axes? Yea, next best thing to a bowling ball for recycling.

Proper placement is absolutely essential to a good post consumer electronic "mulching."

This portrait says a lot. Donny is a real fun guy to hang out with, he's had many noteworthy adventures, not the least of which is when Donny lost all of his possessions in a tornado (Which really sucks). But the legend goes that when the twister came Donny was out shooting rattlesnakes with a pistol. It managed to get halfway through two neighborhoods before it stole all Donny's stuff and crushed witches with it in a far off land. When Donny saw this he wrestled the cyclone to the ground. No joke.

Inspired by the greatness Mr. Seibert high kicks a plank for the planet.

(Waiting for his turn)

Did I mention he has a pit bull that can bite through time?

This episode of Seibert's School of Smashin' brought to you by jettisoned television.

And remember, Keep Rockin.

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031911 Something Fun Coming!

Unfortunately I worked this Sunday with Mr. David Ziser, so the story of my new friend Donny (up there) and The Georgetown Seiberts is going to have to wait until next week. It's well worth the wait though... Until then... it's finally spring!

031911 Spring is Almost Here!

This weekend I got a rare chance to relax and celebrate the spring equinox!!!

So while Terri and I were on our super secret mission this weekend we managed to find a little piece of spring! What a welcome sight that was!

Only 28 days to go!

The weather and sun felt great finally!

Like I said I'll get to the point of why we were around this next week! Until then enjoy the first days of spring!

031211 Junk Shoppin' Again

After months of planning finally I was able to take the great Craig Weiglein of Mansion Hill Studios to a place that rivals his awesome train yard!

The Fort Ancient "Antiques" store. This is the coolest place in the area.

It was a marvelous time when a group of photographers could go to an amazing setting to play on a warm day.

Our model was the beautiful Brandy.

Here's my portrait for the day.

Never know what you'll find there.

This is Kelsey, who accompanied us on the trip to see what a photo shoot could be like.

And this gentleman is the very awesome San.

Check out his hilarious outtake!

The Junk shop never dissapoints. I recommend everyone go there and buy something just because it's awesome and they are really nice people. We were all shooting there when the owner came back to tell us that we had left some gear in front and he didn't want it to get stolen. Pretty cool.

Thanks again to Brandy, San, Craig, Kelsey, and the Ft Ancient Junk Shop!

I had a GREAT time!