031911 Seibert's School of Smashin'

So I didn't have time to tell you the tale of "the School's" most recent assignment and our wonderful new friends Mike and Donny.

For ages Andy and I have found a fantastic way to begin the recycling process for used electronics. Turns out all you need is a bowling ball and good old fashioned gravity. :) I mean, we know they're out there and if we don't start, who will?

Seems though the legend has spread about our courageous eco-struggle and now two of Mr. Seibert's friends demanded to assist us in our latest quest to save the planet.

Here you see Donny make short work of a former television! We call this process "mulching."

A quick learner and quite an interesting fellow, Donny demonstrates his bowling acuity as onlookers cower in the distance.

Did I forget to mention axes? Yea, next best thing to a bowling ball for recycling.

Proper placement is absolutely essential to a good post consumer electronic "mulching."

This portrait says a lot. Donny is a real fun guy to hang out with, he's had many noteworthy adventures, not the least of which is when Donny lost all of his possessions in a tornado (Which really sucks). But the legend goes that when the twister came Donny was out shooting rattlesnakes with a pistol. It managed to get halfway through two neighborhoods before it stole all Donny's stuff and crushed witches with it in a far off land. When Donny saw this he wrestled the cyclone to the ground. No joke.

Inspired by the greatness Mr. Seibert high kicks a plank for the planet.

(Waiting for his turn)

Did I mention he has a pit bull that can bite through time?

This episode of Seibert's School of Smashin' brought to you by jettisoned television.

And remember, Keep Rockin.

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The last photo is classic, destruction. Love it.

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