I was lucky enough to get invited back to the Cincinnati Chapter of NERO's event this weekend and it was really crazy!

It was like walking around in a movie for the most part.

To get my image with the frogman, here, we had to get pretty wet. And that isn't all that great when it's 34 degrees out. Especially for frogs. (Sorry about that!)

I had to wear a marker so I wouldn't get attacked.

The fox

You always get to meet such colorful people at these kinds of outings. :)

This is my friend Sarah the Zebra

And the battles at these events are pretty serious. My friend Eric below had 60 lb of cast iron armor.

My friends Jason and Eric. A bit ogreish, but great as dinner guests.

So for some reason, the possum was the accountant?

(Moonpie, Score!)

And the wharf rat.

This is an Ork.

While the squirrel tended to fight in trees, most of the action took place in the arena.

The fighting was intense and the vultures circled overhead.

I had a really fun time this weekend. It's not every day that you can stuff your subjects in sewer pipes, and I appreciate the invite.

The NERO events are a great place if you like the Renaissance fair style revelry with no limits on the creativity one is allowed to display.

It's always fun. Even if you get your arm chopped off.

Check out more about NERO here


Anonymous said...

Some great pictures here! Are there any more from the same event that'll be going up?

Anonymous said...

Hey there.. how do we get our picture that was taken at this Nero event..?

Jillian said...

What a fantastic teaser! These look amazing and I can't wait to see the rest. Thanks so much for abiding our hijinks! - Jillian/the fox

Anonymous said...

I loved that you were so willing to tramp all over the camp to find just the right spot for us. You're just as crazy as we are! I'm not exactly photogenic, but you made the raccoon look great. The pics are fantastic. Thank you SO much for coming out to the event!

Anonymous said...

You sir, are Awesome, and the shots you got were epic! Hope to see you back again!

H.M. Murdhie (The squirrel)