031211 Junk Shoppin' Again

After months of planning finally I was able to take the great Craig Weiglein of Mansion Hill Studios to a place that rivals his awesome train yard!

The Fort Ancient "Antiques" store. This is the coolest place in the area.

It was a marvelous time when a group of photographers could go to an amazing setting to play on a warm day.

Our model was the beautiful Brandy.

Here's my portrait for the day.

Never know what you'll find there.

This is Kelsey, who accompanied us on the trip to see what a photo shoot could be like.

And this gentleman is the very awesome San.

Check out his hilarious outtake!

The Junk shop never dissapoints. I recommend everyone go there and buy something just because it's awesome and they are really nice people. We were all shooting there when the owner came back to tell us that we had left some gear in front and he didn't want it to get stolen. Pretty cool.

Thanks again to Brandy, San, Craig, Kelsey, and the Ft Ancient Junk Shop!

I had a GREAT time!

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