030411 Jason's 30th

When it comes to people who know how to party, I know quite a few. But this man, Jason. He's where it's at. I was honored to be brought on as his photographer for the evening!

I really have to take a moment to thank Jason for inviting me out for an unbelievable experience! Decked out in a stretched Lincoln, Jason and crew descended onto fountain square for a night of partying in some of the hippest clubs in Cincinnati.

On our way to Mynt Martini Bar, Jason poses for a quick portrait.

Oh yea!

So don't take my word for it. Just to prove how awesome Jason is, here's live coverage of some random guy giving Jason money!!! It didn't stop there. The guy gave me $20 for just being with Jason. NO KIDDING! And that means I made a profit of $8 for the night!! Tell me that's not Outstanding!

Limo courtesy of Tim Waugh. Quite an amazing man, himself. (You may remember him form the limo photo shoot with Ultimate Fighting Champion Rich Franklin.) Part of the fun of the evening was to check out ultra-hip bar, Lunar.

In addition to being able to provide you with extraordinary limo service, Tim is also an authorized lighting designer. And this lighting is like nothing you've ever seen!

The down town club's entire lighting setup was one of Tim's creations. Pretty impressive.

I'd like to take the opportunity to remind you that we were actually paid money for being with this family my a random guy. I mean, that really says something.

And this is the lovely Emily, infant expert, and sister to the infamous birthday boy.


As the night progressed we never quite knew what to expect, and when you hang around with people this cool, you better be ready for anything. :)

I also have to apologize to Jas too. It seems "ol' man Viltrakis" needed to get dropped off early. :) I wish I could have kept up, but... I guess I'm getting old.

Happy Birthday my friend!

To get in contact with Tim Waugh for Limo Services or Lighting Info email him Here @ time@litstyle.com
To get into contact with Jason about being uncontrollably awesome email me. I'll pass it along if your worthy. :)

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