See you In Orlando!

It's on friends and Photogs!
Eric Cameron CPP. and I are bringing a bit of the PhotoMentorGroup to Orlando care of Catchlight Studios and the Harmon School of Photography!
Next weekend we are going to be walking through methods for planning weddings, consultations, workflow, and free marketing that can give your business a shot in the arm!
Also next week's blog post might be a bit late! (That's okay, Lesliegh and Todd's wedding deserves another look :)

If you are in the area we'd love to see you!

Lesleigh and Todd, A beautiful Beginning!

 Lesliegh and Todd are a fantastic and inspiring couple! 
Todd is an awesome musician and cool as ice, Lesleigh is creative and bubbly and beautiful!!! 
  Their whole wedding was a pleasure to watch unfold! 
 I can't thank them enough for letting Terri, myself, and special guest Alysia Palmer capture their day!

 It was quite possibly the most perfectly beautiful day for a wedding possible!
There were thrills galore... 
 and style to spare...
And dancing...
And best of all the celebration of this beautiful union!

Congratulations Todd and Lesleigh! 

Photo Pro Network Summer School!

Who says summer school can't be fun!?!

July 14th & 15th are in full session with Photo Pro Network's Summer School!

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to raise the level of your Photography and just as importantly your photo business!
Last time was simply amazing with some of the biggest names in professional photography and this Summer School edition is no exception!
The amount of information in this weekend will be immense, I can guarantee it, I'll be there presenting a speed light clinic, with Eric Cameron, that can give you the ability to create dynamic lighting environments anywhere at any time! 

We're also going to be your photo guides on Saturday's model shootout for some tremendous portfolio building experiences!

And we're just one! Also don't miss Jason Lykins' CS6 reveal to unlock all the crazy new secrets in Adobe's latest Creative Suite!

If you miss this you will be sorry!

Ryan and Michelle

 Two weeks ago I had the distinct privilege of photographing the wedding of my friends Ryan and Michelle!
 This couple is one of the most casually hilarious couples on the planet. Even a little rain on the big day couldn't phase them a bit! Even the threat of being run over couldn't stop them from taking a great photo!
I was overjoyed to celebrate with them and their friends and family. 
 The ceremony was beautiful and sentimental and tearful. And when they were done, it was all party!

With the Cincinnati evening skyline as the back ground Terri and I played the old aperture trick with the Roebling Bridge and the Sigma 85mm 1.4. :)

Congratulations and THANK YOU my friends! 

Three Year Old Zack!

What a pleasure it was to meet up with one of my favorite families last weekend! And especially Zack
We met up at the riverfront Friendship park in Cincinnati for another super fun shoot! 
We retraced our steps from a year ago to see what new insights Zack could bestow upon us! 
 This time it was "go forth and do"
 but only so long... then rest.
 It was a really fun high-energy time with some really great people! 
Thank you mom and dad!!
You have a beautiful family!

Remembering Awesome!

I was just rummaging through old files for the seminar in Orlando and I happened upon two images of Natalie from the master's class April 2010 that are really neat!
I love them!
In other news, Keith and LeAnne's DVD just arrived and boy are they excited!
Wedding on a beach reception on an iced January day, portraits at Kohn Conservatory! It was all magical

NERO Cincinnati May 2012

Another super fun event last weekend was the annual freak-show that is NERO CINCINNATI!!
It's a celebration of magic and epic battles with a combination of every type of skin color and weaponry. This gathering was certainly no disappointment! More and more players every time. Over 100 at each event on average! 
So much time and effort go into these events. I am brought in by the management team to provide free character portraits to say Thank You for Coming! I'm constantly thrilled by the creativity in the costumes and entangled and intricate back stories! (and use of duct tape)
This event we kicked it up a notch (which was appropriate considering it was 94 degrees)!
You really never know who or what you'll meet. 
The best part of these events are the community that NERO Cincinnati has built. It's a really fun, high energy, and creative festival atmosphere!
And occasionally they kill someone. Quite frequently actually :)

and don't forget to Check out last time!

Thanks for letting me get away with only a combat boot to the shin guys!

My Favorite Toddler

I am really enjoying this stage in Viv's life. 
She's almost 14 months and runs, and screams, and repeats everything...
she's fearless, and inquisitive...
tenacious and precocious 
and I LOVE her sense of humor!!
She just keeps getting better!