NERO Cincinnati May 2012

Another super fun event last weekend was the annual freak-show that is NERO CINCINNATI!!
It's a celebration of magic and epic battles with a combination of every type of skin color and weaponry. This gathering was certainly no disappointment! More and more players every time. Over 100 at each event on average! 
So much time and effort go into these events. I am brought in by the management team to provide free character portraits to say Thank You for Coming! I'm constantly thrilled by the creativity in the costumes and entangled and intricate back stories! (and use of duct tape)
This event we kicked it up a notch (which was appropriate considering it was 94 degrees)!
You really never know who or what you'll meet. 
The best part of these events are the community that NERO Cincinnati has built. It's a really fun, high energy, and creative festival atmosphere!
And occasionally they kill someone. Quite frequently actually :)

and don't forget to Check out last time!

Thanks for letting me get away with only a combat boot to the shin guys!

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