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Slideshow Review! THIS HAS BEEN AWESOME!

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Lots of stuff going on this weekend in preparation of the big 1000 blog post, so this week I'll leave you with a little review slideshow! I hope you enjoy! And THANKS for your support!

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The Journey of Erica and Jason

 Now that Erica and Jason have picked out their wedding selections I am super excited to share just a few of the magical moments during this special day in their journey! 
 I had the good fortune to meet the beautiful, svelte, model Erica through my friend of many years, Jasmine. (Which I appreciate!) When I met Jason I was equally pleased to find her soon-to-be husband was a wonderfully kind gentleman (and not hard to photograph either)! 
Erica knew what she wanted and she knew what to do! I just came a long for the ride :).  I planned out, for her, a route that would take less than an hour and a half, stay close by, and still give her all the great images that she picked out.
 Since the theme was country chic we headed to Lindner Park in Norwood to capture the rustic feel.
 I love this image!
And capture we did.
Erica really liked the images with balloons we had picked out, so we took out a beautiful bouquet of them only to be thwarted by the constant breeze. We did get quite a few good ones, but lesson learned. If you want the perfect balloon shot, you'll need a 3rd assistant. ;)
 Speaking of assistants... my esteemed assistant for this beautiful event was Michael McIntire from McIntire photography and Glutz Photography. Michael was the perfect assistant for this event. His calm cool demeanor and excellent skill complimented the intimate sentiment that this couple lovingly cultivated.
 Opting for the "have a big party with everyone first" route Erica and Jason's wedding ceremony was a tight-knit, reverent affair in the gorgeous terraced back yard of Mr. and Mrs. Adams.
 Complete with hay bales, pinwheels, and bonfire!
 Guy and Jason even built the deck to have the wedding on! Amazing! I can't believe how lucky I am to find couples like this!
 And when night fell, the party started! We even got into a little healthy mischief!
But love was the main theme.  
Congratulations Erica and Jason! 
You've passed the next junction in your journey and I was very thankful to be there to preserve it! I wish you thousands more happy moments!

Vacation Day!

In what's arguably the biggest new of the week... I set a new personal record for not "working" by going on a 6 hour kayak trip this weekend. I did bring the infrared camera I bought from Vincent James and photographed the experience like a champ, though. Big thanks to Natalie and Dave for inviting me! I was apprehensive but this group was inviting, hilarious, generous, and over all amazing! THANK YOU GUYS!

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A Beautiful New Look!

 Hey Friends! I have had a lot going on this week so today I bring you some images I took for's new sessions!

Special thanks to Hanna Schomaker for helping out!
New summer sessions available soon!
Ask about the new cool stuff!

Sabina and David; An Urban Engagement!

It's been wedding central here for the last few weeks, but today I wanted to show off two of the coolest engagement sessions I've been lucky enough to photograph! This wonderful couple is David and Sabina! 
 In a humid downtown Sabina, David, Meg Koabel and I picked the perfect places for the city chic style Sabina just loved!!
 The tones and the textures down there are just amazing!
 And again this great location is my go-to spot for downtown and rustic mix. 
We're going to have a blast in December!!

Alexa and Tyler's Engagement Shoot at Pyramid Hill!

With one rain out session date under our belts the forecast for the makeup date was looking wet, so this Thursday Terri and I re arranged our plans to take amazing engagement portraits of our friends Alexa and Tyler!
This beautiful couple even got to scout out their favorite spots in the very cool Pyramid Hill sculpture park.  
 Terri and I got there earlier and had completed a planning session so we were ready for anything!
Which is a good thing too, because as we were testing out a new technique for an upcoming seminar for simple lighting the unthinkable happened... 
It rained on this date too... But we were prepared to turn lemons into lemonade! (Note: use # 412 for a Zumbrella
 And after the brief shower and the slideshow from the 6D's wireless to phone app we were back playing in the woods!
 And the humidity was up
 Pyramid Hill is quite a neat place! 
Thank you so much Tyler and Alexa! I can't wait for your wedding!