122608 Misc

My beautiful wife and I were shopping for a dresser this weekend.

Trolling around Mt. Adams.

I was photographing a wedding recently where I saw this and HAD to take a picture.
Our Lord and Savior George Harrison

Friday I had the privilege of attending a grill out with my friends Brett and Sam. It was tastey.

122708 Further Tilt-Shift Attempts

My beautiful wife.

My beautiful Duck.

122108 The Man Who Lost His Head

This little gem is an illustration from a book called
"The Man Who Lost His Head."

There were a few things that warped my childhood and I have to say this book was probably one of them.

My mother brought this home when the school she works at was cleaning out old stuff, i guess. She reminded me that I used to ask her to read it to me all the time. Looking at it now, my guess is that it was about the freaking creepy imagery! The book was published in 1943. I love the whole "Dust Bowl" look to the thing.
The Artist who drew this book was born in Hamilton OH, interestingly enough.

Click HERE for a slide show of illustrations from the book.
The illustrations are beautifully creepy! Truly worth a Click!

122108 Fake Tilt-Shift

Have you ever seen tilt-shift photography?
i read a tutorial online about how to fake it.
Here is my HDR/Hi-Pass/Fake Tilt-shift of Dayton KY.
(Dedicated to David Ziser)

121808 Lobster Meal!

Terri and I decided to go out to a nice meal last Thursday. We eventually settled on Red Lobster.
Seeing as how I had always heard that lobster was a great thing... I decided to have one! Here I am taunting my eventual dinner. Take that PETA!

Tami was our waitress. She was a heck of a sport!

Waiting, Arrival, Conquer

That thing was HOT!
You can clearly see I have no idea what I'm doing.
Tami walks up and asks us what we're doing at the end.

Like I said, Tami was a great sport. She showed me how to do it.

Have to say, that for the money... not worth it. There really isn't that much meat there. But for the experience... totally have to do it once!

122008 Gem and Mineral Show Spoils

My friend Andy, Terri, and I went to the Gem and mineral show last weekend. I love rocks!
This is Celestite, the only name I remember.

I bought it because it looked like ice!

Surprisingly dense copper ball.

Blue... duh.

The reason I have two of these is because I dropped one and broke it.

I don't remember the name of this stone, but the guy told me that they put it in a chemical and it leaches out the metal in the stone.

Beautiful though!

I also got my lovely wife some jewelry and a fiber optic stone heart, but I neglected to photograph that... YET!

122008 Misc

Here are some "angry portraits" of me.

If I was a boxer or a rapper these would be awesome!
Yes... in yer face anyone not me.

120908 Holiday Xmas House!

This is our house this Xmas. Weee! I love the blue led lights. So cool!

And the lovely tree!

121008 JNath (Great People I Know)

This is Jnath. Lately he has been creating ceramics that expand when fired. I featured them here a while ago. I thought for a while about a cool way to feature him with them. I think this works.

He also made this duct tape wallet (i think for himself) in 1994 WAY before duct tape wallets were common. I have been carrying it around for 14 years. JNath has always been one of those people on the cutting edge (Check out his wedding rings). Everyone who knows him will agree he is probably one of the most intelligent people on the earth. Currently he is refurbishing the wallet so it still looks terrible, but doesn't leave a gummy film in my pocket.

I have known JNath for the better part of 15 years. In high school he and I used to sit underneath the desks in physics class on Mondays and complete all the homework for the week, then fill the class time with our own projects (like the laser and mirrors). We helped the teacher figure out why her math didn't add up to the answer in the teacher's guide more than once.
I am really thankful to know Nathan. He is an amazing person.

121108 The Javelin Dance (B is B)

This is the band The Javelin Dance. I was invited to photograph them by my good friend and the drummer of the band Teddy.

The Boys

I'll spare any comparisons to other bands, you can hear them right here at their myspace page.
However, the musicianship is way up there.

They played the Mad Hatter last thursday.

High Energy Show

It was a rocking show. They played a 30 min set as an opening act. When they finished the whole crowd was stunned that they were done. They started shouting "Play more!" and "Is that all?!?"

Quite a nice reaction to their first show.

120708 Blue Poinsettia Wallpaper for YOU!

I made a bunch of Desktop wallpapers for Y'all using David Ziser's Digital Dashboard "Mirror Image" button and some blue poinsettias Terri bought for me.

I use the digital dashboard every day for my photos. There are a lot of handy time saving buttons.

Clearly fake, but really pretty when you crop out the ugly!

Get more info on David's Digital Dashboard at www.digitalprotalk.com