112809 Marc and Michael Present: The Day of the Turducken (Year 3, 2009)

These two stallions of men may not have been the originators of turning several game fowl into a Russian doll, but they certainly are the ones who perfected it when I tell the story!

This was year three of the event, which is touted as the only way to gain back all of the nutrients and butter that was worked off at the 100th Annual Thanksgiving Day Race 2009 Cincinnati, Ohio two days previous.
(Here you see Marc engaging the crowd by giving the Pope wave.)

How do you cram this much meat into the oven? I'll spare you the details, but it involves a lot of pushing.

Mark and his beautiful wife Kristen have two ferrets, they were really cute!
(They were in the basement.)

Oh man, perfection!

Just like last year, the opportunity was taken for a good ol' fashioned Ziser reunion as 4 former Ziser assistants came together to consume bird!

All of these photos were taken with the Ray Ring Flash I have been playing with lately. I think it adds a little odd twist to your everyday snapshots. I think it's fun.

112609 Brandon Family Thanksgiving!

As is tradition my beautiful wife and I went to her wonderful family's Thanksgiving Day Gala this year. Terri prepared most of the food with help from the Fam. It was a brilliant meal, everything was delicious!

This year was as gregarious and hilarious as ever! The game of Pictionary Man stands out as a ridiculous high point!

I guess the word was "Jazz hands," but I don't see any drawing.

And this happy little guy is the newest addition to the Fam, Kevin. Boy is he happy!

All of these photos were also taken with the Ray Ring Flash I have been playing with lately. I think it adds a little odd twist to your everyday snapshots. I think it's fun.

112509 Misc

Over the years I have had many floral arrangements created by the team at Ford-Ellington Event Design and I haven't been let down once. They consistently make me look great by purchasing their product. That is the best business practice that I can think of!

Playing with 5 lights and doing a crappy job.

Pretty cool! I think Terri is going to make jewelry out of it.

Lost but still having a good time after Turducken Prep.

This super cool photo comes from a Book I made earlier this year for my great friend Kris. I'm not going to explain the book, but if you are really interested email me.

Some Time Ago... is this art?

Is this Art?
I took this years ago at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Is it art? I mean I took a photo of something that was WAY more difficult to actually do (sculpt marble). I didn't set the lighting the museum did that. What did I do? I framed it and edited the photo. The editing is cool, but I didn't really have all that much to do with the quality if the subject matter. So, Is it art? Are DJs who spin other people's records artists? Where is the line? Can I call this image my art work?
Let me know what you think, please!

111609 ART SHOW!

Three beautiful former supermodels of mine (and former students of my wife) had collaboration pieces on display at the Contemporary Art Center (i prefer to call it the Cac like, Kak!) in downtown Cincinnati last Monday.
Pictured above was the piece that Laura worked on! One side allowed you to see but not touch, the other side you could touch but not see.

The Beautiful Kiki, Miranda, and Laura.

Here's my attempt at "chair art" at the KAK!

Another notable exhibit were these little salt horses.

The idea was for people to disrupt them over the course of the show. Of course we all acquiesced.

111509 GTCO Cheerleading! (BisB)

A week ago I also got to photograph the GTCO Cheerleading team!

I love this photo, so much going on! These girls were a blast to take portraits of!

I love this one too!

A HUGE portion of my success in photographing these lovely ladies was due to the advice of my friend and fellow photographer Michael McIntire. (mcintirephotography.com) He let me know a few work flow tips he had developed over the years that REALLY helped out when the heat was on!
I really appreciate the help Michael!

111409 B-DAY!

Last weekend the lovely Ms. Tonya had a rockin' dance party and I was able to photograph the event!

112109 What's this bug?

Also, it obviously didn't start as a head... where's the rest of it?
Looking at you Barb S!

110109 Rangefinder/Animoto Ad

Hello friends, a month ago I told you all about an ad campaign for Animoto involving my photo boss David Ziser! Well I got the magazine about October 12th, but I was too busy to take a picture! Well here it is... FULL SECOND PAGE of the October Rangefinder Magazine!

You can find out the rest of the info if you are interested for any reason on the previous post HERE!

As far as the rest of the posts this week, I have been really beaten up by the end of the season and the rest of this week's stuff will all be catchup from other times....
Next week Cheer leading and Party!

111509 IPod Touch 16gb 2G for Sale!

Perfect gift for Christmas! I bought this Ipod Touch 16GB 2G under a year ago and it has been the PERFECT utility! I am only selling it because I finally broke down and bought the Iphone!
This Ipod is in MINT condition there isn't a single scratch on it! The face has had a cover on it since it came out of the box, which you'll also get! The back has a few scuff marks, but it has never been dropped, left in a hot car, or even outside of a protective case!!!! EVER! This thing was my baby!

It comes with:
Ipod 2G 16GB Touch (originally $300)
Transferable Apple care protection plan with a year left! (originally $60)
Head phones (originally included)
Insipio second skin case (originally $30)
Micro Fiber cloth (originally included)
Black USB cord (originally $20)
USB wall adapter for charging on the go (originally $30)
Screen Protector (originally $9)
Software 3.1 (originally $10)
Original Box (Included)

So all together I paid $460 for this amazing device and I am willing to part with it and all these goodies for a reasonable price!

111409 My Beautiful Assistant (Great People I Know)

This as you all know is Terri, my beautiful wife. She is my assistant on all shoots and the resident expert on lighting. In addition to all the fabulous glamour shots of my muse I take I almost invariably take a shot or two of her testing the scene for clients.

She's an amazing assistant. It is amazingly hard to be able to imagine what a photographer sees and adjust yourself to that accurately. Terri does both most of the time. It is a pleasure working with someone who I love so much. I didn't just marry my best friend, I went into business with her too. And you all know how much I love work.

I must have said something.

I couldn't be happier with her as an assistant or wife. She's always been a "great people I know."

111409 Uh... some leftover junk... misc

I was super busy this week, so here's a bunch of leftovers.

110509 Serenity Fisher (BisB)

World, say hello again to the beautiful and whimsical Serenity Fisher.

Serenity is a Cincinnati native who has been recording and performing for years.
Check out her first album and a few new tracks here:

Serenity came to me because of my creative process. Some of these portraits will adorn her soon-to-be-completed www.SerenityFisher.com and the new CD!


It was a great shoot!

Please come out and support Serenity at one of the shows below!

Serenity Fisher and Lost in Holland
with special guest Michael Gilbert Ronstadt on cello

Date: Thurs. November 12th
Time: 7:30-9pm
Location: Know Theatre, 1120 Jackson St. (downtown Cincinnati)
Details: Michael is in town from PA to record cello parts on my album. We are hoping to raise money to help pay for his travel expenses and studio fee. There is a $10 suggested donation, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

How the Music Happened
featuring April Combs, Jacob Hundley and Serenity Fisher

Date: Fri. November 13th
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Clifton Performance Theatre (404 Ludlow Ave)
Details: This hour long performance is part of a monthly singer/songwriter series at CPT. Tickets are $8 and can be reserved in advance at HERE.