111509 IPod Touch 16gb 2G for Sale!

Perfect gift for Christmas! I bought this Ipod Touch 16GB 2G under a year ago and it has been the PERFECT utility! I am only selling it because I finally broke down and bought the Iphone!
This Ipod is in MINT condition there isn't a single scratch on it! The face has had a cover on it since it came out of the box, which you'll also get! The back has a few scuff marks, but it has never been dropped, left in a hot car, or even outside of a protective case!!!! EVER! This thing was my baby!

It comes with:
Ipod 2G 16GB Touch (originally $300)
Transferable Apple care protection plan with a year left! (originally $60)
Head phones (originally included)
Insipio second skin case (originally $30)
Micro Fiber cloth (originally included)
Black USB cord (originally $20)
USB wall adapter for charging on the go (originally $30)
Screen Protector (originally $9)
Software 3.1 (originally $10)
Original Box (Included)

So all together I paid $460 for this amazing device and I am willing to part with it and all these goodies for a reasonable price!

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