103109 HALLOWEEN Taylor Style!

Ah the Taylors. Beside being really awesome people the Taylors love Halloween. Their attention to detail and heedless disregard for fiscal responsibility in the area of gummi gore have concreted them into my heart forever.

Ash (Steve)

Linda (Meredith)

Only two or so of the decorations weren't edible and I found them in the salsa. Check out the Necrinomi-cake!

Terri went as Babraham Lincoln.

I went as unemployed.

What... two Babraham Lincolns?!? Surely they will have to battle!

Where was also bobbing for "ducks" in the frigid night.

And then they did.

RIP Easy... you will be missed.

If any of you were at the party send me an email and I'll send you the link to the full slideshow!

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