LeAnne and Keith

 LeAnne and Keith are the most laid back, awesome to be with couples ever! This January they came back from Florida to have a piece of the holidays and Cincinnati in their wedding!
This attractive couple were married in Florida on a beach and staged an elaborate reception for here in LeAnne's hometown for all those who couldn't attend.   
 We reserved time at one of the quintessential "Cincinnati" locations, the Krohn Conservatory!
 You can always count on Krohn for a lush and warm place to photograph on cold Cincinnati winter days!
LeAnne and Keith were a real treat to work with! Another wonderful addition to this shoot was the beautiful Megan Koabel as my sidekick! It was a great time and I'l have even more to show you next week!
One thing the lovely LeAnne was adamant about was to make sure to get some winter in her photos to prove to her Floridian friends what it's like, so we braved and icy trek across the Conservatory campus to take some photos with the ice that covered everything
It was a great time and lots of fun! Next week, the Reception! 

3rd Recording Session Underway

In semi-photo related news, my good friend Andy and I just finished another knock-down drag-out recording session for an up-coming yet-to-be-named album. 

While I'm on the topic, I wanted to show off Yob's facebook profile featuring some pretty awesome images... :)

More fun afoot but you'll have to wait!

 So I just finished a fabulous wedding reception last night, but you'll have to give me a week to process that! 
 In the mean time, I have been playing around with the 8 megapixel camera on the iphone 4s. 
I'm pretty sure that is as large a file as the first professional SLR I bought. Times are changing :) 
 While this format is convenient I still am constantly disappointed by the lack of control. :( 
 I know there's the hype about having the first wedding shot entirely on iphones. But I am SURE that wedding party was one patient group of people. There's no way you could depend on this for high quality action. 
 Having said that, I love being able to take photos with auto focus. About 98% of the photos that came out of the Iphone 3G were out of focus. 
 And Steph is Awesome.

By the way just got a QR code generator so the loneliest of smart phoners can connect with my non flash propaganda! Enjoy!

Next week The beautiful Wedding Reception of LeAnne and Keith!

Nothing Beats Snowflakes!

 Every year since I got my 60mm macro (and good enough to take them) I've ventured out into the winter wilderness to click off some breathless numb-fingered close-ups of some of mother nature's finest crystals!
 This year so far hasn't been the best for really nice looking flakes. :(

 Check out the bottom of this post for the links to previous years!

 Most people don't realize that there are lots of types of snow and some of them are fluffy oddly shaped clumps and sometimes it's perfectly formed broad flakes. 
 When you see that type of flake you have to jump because you might only see two or three snows where you can take good photos. Too bad for this year:)

Now See Some Cool Stuff from A While Ago!

New Facebook Cover Photo!

 Great news! The first snows of 2012 inspired me to take a classic image and make a new free Facebook Cover photo!

Recent work!

 Just because I'm not running around clicking off images doesn't mean I'm not working hard for my clients! 
 I have processed quite a few timeless treasures for people over this holiday season :)

 And relived some wonderful memories!

Shake face... not such a flattering idea.

So last night, in what had to be the most fun baby friendly evening ever, Steph, Seth, Kris, Terri, Viv, and Myself got a great idea to take "Shake Face" pictures last night. (You know... where you shake your face really hard and take a high speed picture to preserve the distortion!)
Turns out, while cool, not flattering. :) I'm not about to show anyone the full face images. :)

More from the Back Catalog

 I love this time of year! 

 It's fun to have extra time to look through old work for some interesting captures :)

 But all that ends next week! :)

Pleased to Tell you...

 I'm pleased to tell you that I have been working on a lot of orders for my wonderful clients, but instead of photo shoots, lately, I've just been trying to keep up with my main lady here. :) 
She's on-the-go and inherited my will.

Woo hoo! Not People!

 I'm not saying I don't love taking portraits of all kinds of people...

 But a little art is nice once and a while!



One of the best things I got to do was help my wonderful wife and her awesome brother and sister recreate a touching family memory for her parents! This was am amazing opportunity!!

Free Facebook Cover Photo!

 So the new timeline look of Facebook is out and one of the coolest features is the invent of a cover photo that allows you to have your own spin on the top of your profile page! Well this week I took the opportunity  to make a bunch of really fun Cover Photos for you to use! 

 Feel free to save these and use them on your profile!

 All Free!

And don't forget the FREE mobile device backgrounds I made for ya way back!